Ships hit during WWI

Gower Coast

NameGower Coast
GRT804 tons
Country  British
BuilderDundee Shipbuilders Co., Ltd., Dundee
OperatorFord Shipping Co., Ltd. (Mann, Macneal & Co., Ltd.), Glasgow

U-boat attacks on Steamer Gower Coast

DateU-boatLoss typePositionLocationRouteCargoCasualties
15 Apr 1917UC 71 (Hans Valentiner)SunkBelieved lost in a minefield laid by UC 71 off Le Tréport.
50° 08'N, 1° 16'E
Tyne & Boulogne - Tréport

Had sailed from Boulogne on April 4 but did not arrive at Tréport.

Position of attack on Gower Coast

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