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4 Aces - U-107

This lucky emblem was made famous by being put on the equally lucky U-107 by KrvKpt. Günther Hessler after he commissioned her, and it was thus displayed on the most successful U-boat patrol of the war.

Kptlt. Volker Simmermacher took a variant of this emblem to U-3013 when he left U-107. The same variant was also seen on U-3006, Oblt. Ludo Kregelin.

Oblt. Heinz Robbert, another officer from U-107, also chose this emblem when he took command of U-3040 in early 1945.

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4 U-boats displayed this emblem
U-107, U-3003, U-3013 and U-3040.

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U-boat Emblems