The Kriegsmarine Uniforms


Oberleutnant (Ing.) Officer's Service uniform consisted of:
jacket, trousers, white shirt, peaked cap, and when specified grey gloves, dagger or sword and sash.,

Illustration left shows an Oberleutnant (Ing.) (Engineer Lieutenant) in Full dress uniform (Dienstanzug) with shoulder straps.

Right, Kapitän zur See (Captain) in Parade dress with epaulettes.

Rank is indicated by four sleeve rings and epaulette insignia. Cocked hat (Zweispitz) was not worn during the war.

Kapitän zur See

Kapitän zur See

Left, Kapitän zur See (Captain), wearing Undress uniform (kleiner Dienstanzug) with peaked cap.

Right, Marinejustizrat (Legal administrative official). Marinebeamte (administrative officials) badges, stripes and buttons were in silver.


Admiral Dönitz wearing his coat

In winter, officers, administrative officials, senior Petty Officers and officer candidates wore Greatcoats. These were of dark blue wool (feldgrau for shore-based formations) with rank markings on shoulder boards, but black (shore-based: grey or green) leather versions were also worn.

Flag Officers (Admiralen etc) and Knights Cross holders wore theirs with the top three buttons unfastened.

Flag Officer greatcoat lapel facings were cornflower blue.

Right, the Commander of U-30, Oblt. Fritz Julius Lemp, wearing captured British battle dress. Large stocks were seized at Dunkirk, but later a German version was manufactured.

Aboard U-Boats there was an unwritten law that the commander (and only the commander) wore a peaked cap with a white cover.

Olt.z.S. Lemp

The blue peaked cap was officially worn with white cover between 20 April-30 September, but this was banned in home waters during the war.

Admirals cap Admirals cap Peaked caps for Kommodore, Konteradmiral, Vizeadmiral, Admiral, Generaladmiral, Großadmiral.
Cap for staff-officer ranks Cap for staff-officer ranks For Stabsoffiziere (staff officer ranks): Korvettenkapitän, Fregattenkapitän and Kapitän zur See.
Cap for Lieutenants and Lieutenant Commanders Cap for Lieutenants and Lieutenant Commanders For Leutnant z.S., Oberleutnant z.S. and Kapitänleutnant.
Cap for Navy Officials Cap for Navy Officials For Marinebeamte (Navy Officials). Badges are silver, as on uniform.

The following pictures are examples of various uniforms:

Kpt.z.S. und Kommodore

Gr. Gesellschaftsanzug (Day/evening/mess dress with decorations) for Kpt.z.S. und Kommodore.

This was a special rank between Kapitän zur See and Admiral.

Korvettenkapitän (MA) Undress uniform for Korvettenkapitän (MA) in field grey. [Commander (Coastal Artillery)]
Marinejustizinspektor Undress uniform for Marinejustizinspektor. (Legal Administrative Official). Vizeadmiral (Ing.) Undress uniform for Vizeadmiral (Ing.). (Engineer Vice-Admiral)
Korvettenkapitän (V) Undress uniform for Korvettenkapitän (V). [Commander (Administration)]

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