Leistungsabzeichen der Kleinkampfmittel
(Achievment badge for minature-submarine forces)

This badge was awarded from November 30, 1944. It was given for a certain number of patrols independent of certified successes. The Leistungsabzeichen der Kleinkampfmittel was awarded in seven degrees.

The first four degrees (Stufen) were worn on the sleeve:

1. Stufe
(first degree)
2. Stufe
(second degree)
Awarded for one patrol
3. Stufe
(third degree)
Awarded for two patrols
4. Stufe
(fourth degree)
Awarded for three patrols

The higher degrees were:

Kampfspange in BronzeAwarded for 4 patrols
Kampfspange in SilberAwarded for 7 patrols
Kampfspange in GoldAwarded for 10 patrols

There is no information that a Kampfspange in silver was awarded in WWII.

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