Narvik Shield


Narvik Shield

The Narvik Shield, instituted in 19 Aug 1940, was awarded to all German forces that participated in the fighting around Narvik from 9 April to 9 June 1940. The shield was worn on the left sleeve of the uniform.

The award was first awarded on 21 March 1941. 8,577 men received the decoration.

3,661 Narvik Shields were awarded to the Kriegsmarine (German Navy). Of those the destroyer crews, who had a really hard time, won 2,672. 410 of these Kriegsmarine awards were posthumous. The Merchant Marine personnel won 442, 22 of them posthumous.

In 1957 the medal was reauthorized, like many other Nazi medals, but without the eagle and swastika.

Source: Wikipedia.

Decorations ordered by last name

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Commander and rankAgeCrewDate  U-boat Command(s) held *
Ltn. Andersen, Klaus2237bNov 1940  

Ltn. Blauert, Hans-Jörg +2237b10 Nov 1940  
Oblt. Bopst, Eberhard +2633April 1940  

Ltn. Hagenau, Karl-Heinz2137b1 Oct 1940  
Kptlt. Hopman, Rolf-Heinrich +3426   
Kptlt. Horrer, Hans-Joachim +3232   

Ltn. Pulst, Günther2237b1940  

7 U-boat Commanders decorated with Narvik Shield (Narvikschild) located.

+ Indicates the Officer died in the war.
* Commands held indicates the U-boat commands held by this officer before award date. In some cases the officer had not taken command his first boat yet or was not even in the U-boat force yet.

Note: This listing is still being compiled and some recipients might be missing.

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