U-boat Commanders

Recent updates to Commander pages

Below are 25 latest updates to our Commander database. These updates indicate changes in personal information (new photo, career information and such). Changes to their Ranks and Decorations would not show up here at this time.

29 May 2019Oblt. (R) Roost, WernerU-926
29 May 2019KrvKpt. Franz, JohannesU-27
29 May 2019Kptlt. Niss, HellmutU-1275, U-2531
29 May 2019Oblt. (R) Krüer, WernerU-590
29 May 2019Oblt. (R) Hoß, Hans JuliusU-1109
28 May 2019Oblt. Schreyer, Hilmar-KarlU-987
28 May 2019Scheltz, Hans-UlrichUD-5
28 May 2019Oblt. Plohr, HelmutU-149
28 May 2019Kptlt. Brodda, HeinrichU-209
28 May 2019Oblt. Berkemann, PaulU-4709
28 May 2019Mannesmann, GertU-545, U-2502
9 May 2019Oblt. (R) Cabolet, ServaisU-907
9 May 2019Oblt. Perleberg, RüdigerU-1104
9 May 2019Oblt. Dohrn, ErwinU-325
9 May 2019Oblt. Albrecht, KarlU-1062
9 May 2019Oblt. Dietrich, WilliU-286
8 May 2019Oblt. (R) Brüllau, Heinz-EhlerU-905
8 May 2019Oblt. Anschütz, Hans-HelmutU-150
8 May 2019Oblt. Ahlefeld, Hunold vonU-150
8 May 2019Ltn. Neumann, Hans-JoachimU-921
8 May 2019Oblt. (R) Ellerlage, HermannU-2344
8 May 2019Oblt. (R) Götze, HansU-586, U-2527
8 May 2019Kptlt. Ganzer, ErwinU-871
8 May 2019Oblt. (R) Gerlach, WilhelmU-490
8 May 2019Oblt. (R) Fuhlendorf, HaraldU-2343

means we have a photo of the Commander.