Der Krieg zur See 1939-1945

by Rohwer, Jürgen
(The war at sea 1939-1945)
1992, Urbes, Grafelfing vor München
ISBN 3924896283

Translations of this title include:


War at Sea 1939-1945

by Rohwer, Jürgen
2001, Caxton Editions
ISBN 1840673621
Hardcover, 192 pages
From the publisher: A superb illustrated history of the naval operations of the Second World War. Two hundred and fifty photographs and an accompanying text describe the inter-related nature of the events which took place in the Baltic and North Seas, in the Arctic, the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. The author deals with every aspect of the naval war from top-level discussions and decisions concerning technical requirements and operations, to the events of the battles themselves and their consequences for the people involved. He has tracked down a superb collection of rare photographs which portray as truthfully as possible the realities of war at sea.

First published 1996.


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