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Conflict over Convoys

Anglo-American Logistics Diplomacy in the Second World War

By Smith, Kevin
2002, Cambridge University Press, New York
ISBN 0521520304
Paperback, 318 pages, 2 maps, 17 tables

Descripton: From the book: "Examines the Battle of the Atlantic from the perspective of Anglo-American diplomacy, deepening our understanding of Allied grand strategy, British industrial policy, and operations Torch and Overlord. Britain's failure to build and maintain enough ships to feed the people and wage war forced her dependence upon American-built merchant ships and American logistical support. Nevertheless, British strategists audaciously attempted to dominate Allied strategy, while Roosevelt mismanaged merchant shipping allocations. The resulting gap between strategic ambition and logistical reality embittered the controversy over the "Second Front". Victory in the Atlantic eventually allowed American dominance of Allied logistics diplomacy and strategy. Conflict over Convoys shows how these tensions reflect the decline of British hegemony and the rise of the USA to global influence." First published 1996.

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