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Mein wechselvolles Leben

By Dönitz, Karl
(My ever-changing life)
1998, Verlag S. Bublies, Schnellbach
ISBN 3926584483
Hardcover, 285 pages, 36 b&w photos, 4 facsimiles
book is in German language

Descripton: This memoir by Karl Dönitz covers in detail his experiences through 1934. Only a brief overview is given of his career from that date onward, as the same material is covered fully in a separate book, Zehn Jahre, Zwanzig Tage. First published in 1968, a new edition was released in 1998 under the title Mein soldatisches Leben [My soldier's life].

- This book has been translated into other languages.

From the review: In this autobiography, Karl Dönitz focuses mainly on his childhood through the pre-war years, but includes a brief summary of the war years and his time in prison. This account of his early life is very interestin ...
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