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Seizing the Enigma

The Race to Break the German U-Boat Codes, 1939-1943

By Kahn, David
1991, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston
ISBN 0395427398
Hardcover, 337 pages, 39 b&w photos, 5 maps

Descripton: This book is one of the most complete, that I have found, in discussing the many aspects of the Enigma machine and also the operation of the codes that were critical to the use of Enigma by the various German forces. It focuses on the use of Enigma by the Navy and in particular the U-Boat fleet.

From the review: This book focuses on the role of Enigma in the Battle of the Atlantic. A few lines from the preface admirably sum up the content of the book: "This book differs in several other ways from earlier accounts of the Enigma. It depicts the ...
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