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To Die Gallantly: The Battle of the Atlantic

By Runyan, Timothy J. and Copes, Jan M. (editors)
1994, Westview Press
ISBN 0813323320
Paperback, 347 pages, 23 b&w photos, 4 maps, 6 charts, 8 tables

Descripton: This book covers naval warfare in general terms and devotes quite a bit to the German U-boats and their effect on the war in the Atlantic. Looks to be an excellent read. Also includes a wonderful bibliography and in-depth footnotes for further research.

From the review: The title of this book comes from Raeder's response to Hitler's demand in 1939 that the Kriegsmarine prepare for war against the Allies; Raeder replied that the only thing the Kriegsmarine would be able to do would be to show the world how to die gal ...
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