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U-Boat Fact File

Detailed Service Histories of the Submarines Operated by the Kriegsmarine 1935-1945

By Sharpe, Peter
1988, Midland Publishing Limited
ISBN 1857800729
217 pages

Descripton: A mine of close-printed information on the histories of the individual U-boats, covering Type; Builder; Laid Down; Launched; Commissioned; Commanders; Units; Patrols; Vessels Attacked/Sunk; Notes; and Fate. Appendices cover U-boat Types; Knight's Cross Recipients; Refueling/Resupply Operations; Kriegsmarine Map Quadrants; The U-boat Arm; U-boats Not Completed; and Operation Deadlight, plus a select bibliography.

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From the review: This is a very ambitious work attempting to provide a complete profile for each U-boat before and during the war. Each U-boat is given a profile which is similar to the one we have here on (see U-99 for example) except in different layout a ...
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