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Standing into danger

By Anthony Molloy
2012, Amazon Kindle
E Book Price 2.00

Descripton: It is the autumn of 1940, since Dunkirk, three long, weary and worrying months before, the British people have lived under the dual threats of invasion and starvation. They are still unaware that Hitler has abandoned Operation Sea Lion and re-focused his manic ambitions east towards Russia. The threat of slow starvation is still a real and present danger. With thousands of tons of vital supplies lying at the bottom of the World's oceans, the island race tighten their belts, venturing forth, ration book and ID card in hand, to draw their meagre rations. Short of metal for munitions, of guns for Dad’s Army and with their children evacuated, they soldier on armed only with their sense of humour and a dogged determination to prevail. The Government prepare for the worst, racing against time to re-equip a beaten and depleted Army, advising their citizens to watch the sky and the seas for invasion and to dig for victory, while sending the country's gold reserves to safety in America. At sea the situation has grown steadily worse. Month after month more and more ships, carrying essential food and ammunition, are being sent to the bottom of the sea. September’s grim total is exceeded by October’s and October’s by November's. The Admiralty find out the hard way that Doenitz’s U Boat Command are using new and even more deadly tactics. Tactics that threaten to starve Britain into submission within weeks rather than months. The dreaded Wolf Pack has been born. The pitiless ‘Grey Wolfs’ lie in wait across the dark sea-lanes of the Atlantic, attacking the convoys at will, without mercy and with a savage ferocity not seen before in the annals of war. With the nation tottering on the brink of defeat, seven million in gold and securities, so vital to the county’s ultimate survival, has to go across the Atlantic by sea. What if the Germans were to learn of the British plans to take the gold out of the country? What if they lie in wait with the biggest Wolf Pack ever to be assembled?