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On seas contested

The Seven Great Navies of the Second World War

By Vincent O'Hara
2010, Naval Institute Press
ISBN 1591146461
Hardcover, 336 pages


An international team of naval historians and scholars, including John Jordan (France), Peter Schenk with Karsten Klein, Dr. Axel Niestle, Dieter Thomaier and Berndt R. Wenzel (Germany), David Wragg (Great Britain), Enrico Cernuschi and Vincent O'Hara (Italy) Mark Peattie (Japan), Trent Hone (United States) and Stephen McLaughliln (USSR) has pooled their expertise for this definitive reference on how the great navies of World War II were organized and how they trained, operated, and fought. They provide a point-by-point evaluation on the inner workings of the navies of the United States, the United Kingdom and Commonwealth, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, and the Soviet Union. Each navy has its own chapter, which covers such key features as weaponry, training, logistics, and doctrine. In bringing together data buried in specialized works in various languages, the authors deliver a fresh, multinational view of the naval war.

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