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U-boote: 1939-1945

By Dalliès-Labourdette, Jean-Philippe
1996, Motorbooks International
ISBN 2908182424

Descripton: This book contains many excellently reproduced photographs, many of which were new to me, including some good shots of U-boat pens. There are also some pretty good U-boat color profiles, several pages of U-boat and Flotilla insignia (all in color), and a very nice full-color 8-page section on German war art featuring U-boats and U-boat men. Also included are a full-color photo feature on U-bootwaffe uniforms and equipment, and a section on U-boats in the movies. While this book is overall a very good value, is a good read for the most part, and offers many excellent photos and illustrations, it does suffer from poor editing. There is an inexcusable number of typographical errors, misspellings, and incorrect English.

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From the review: This largely pictorial overview of U-boat warfare is definitely an odd creature. While the pictures are excellent and quite useful in themselves, the accompanying text and captions often contain errors. These errors represent a range of severity ...
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