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The Gironde Incident

By Hughes, Michael
1983, W. H. Allen & Co. Ltd
Paperback, 250 pages
The book is a fiction

Descripton: A fictitious U-570 is captured by the British (as was the real boat, although details are quite different), and used to infiltrate a false crew in Bordeaux with the mission of kidnaping a member of Dönitz´s staff. A lot of technical mistakes, i.e. two torpedo tubes and crew´s acomodation abaft the motor chamber, 250m operational depth, quick recharge of forward torpedo tubes that allows a salvo of five shots in five minutes, etc. At least, German submariners are not depicted as brutal nazi fanatics (a topic we find usually in old films and fiction books), and the British have their share of dirty work in the story.

- This book has been translated into other languages.