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The Liberation of the Philippines

Luzon, Mindanao, the Visayas 1944-1945 (History of Unted States Naval Operations in World War Ii, Volume 13)

By Morison, Samuel Eliot
2001, Book Sales
ISBN 0785813144

Descripton: After crushing Japanese naval power in the Pacific at Leyte Gulf, the U.S. moved to liberate the Philippines. Admiral Morison describes a series of amphibious operations and carrier actions supporting those operations and explains the countermeasures taken against the kamikazes, along with Admiral Halsey's famous Task Force 38 in the South China Sea and the deadly typhoon of 18 December 1944. Additional chapters tell the story of the assaults on Borneo, submarine operations in the southwest Pacific in 1945, and Capt. Milton Miles's last naval battle of the war with sailing junks.

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