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The Zeebrugge and Ostend Raids 1918

By Lake, Deborah
2002, Leo Cooper/ Pen and Sword Books
ISBN 0850528704
Hardcover, 208 pages, 2 maps, 33 photos

Descripton: This book covers the naval war between the units of the German Marinekorps Flandern and the British Navy in 1917-1918 in the North Sea and Channel, and especially the danger of the German U-boats operating from the Belgian ports. It looks at the story from both sides, which makes it rather unique; shows the importance of politics in the British Navy (especially to get the Dover command); and most of all shows that the raids on St. George's Day 1918, made in an attempt to block the harbours of Zeebrugge and Oostende, were not the success they are always made out to be in British history books. Coverage is very complete. The part providing the German point of view was reviewed in its entirety by Johan Ryheul, author of Marinekorps Flandern.

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