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Convoy PQ 13

Unlucky for some

By Mills, Morris O.
2000, B Durnford Publishing
ISBN 0953567028

Descripton: In 1940 Morris Mills at 16 joined the tramp steamer 'New Westminster City' as a deck apprentice and survived the dangers that lurked both above and below the sea in wartime, especially in Arctic Waters. In 1942 disaster struck. His physical infliction befell him, not on the open sea - like many of his unlucky contemporaries - but whilst in his bunk laying alongside in Murmansk Harbour. Hospitalisation in Russia was a traumatic experience for a 18 year old youth. The realisation that his chosen career was shattered compounded his depression. With superhuman determination he overcame his predicament. The brief elation he felt at being repatriated aboard 'H.M.S. Edinburgh' to Britain was dispelled when U-Boats sank the cruiser.

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