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Jutland 1916

Clash of the dreadnoughts

By London, Charles
2000, Osprey Pub Co
ISBN 1855329921
Paperback, 96 pages, illustrations

Descripton: The only major fleet engagement of World War I (1914-1918), the Battle of Jutland (1916) has been surrounded by controversy ever since. The British public felt Admiral Jellicoe had failed – a reaction rooted in a hundred years of the 'Nelson cult', a conviction that anything short of a Trafalgar-style annihilation was letting the side down. True, the German Fleet had sunk more ships and suffered fewer casualties, but the British had forced them to disengage and run for port and were still cruising off Denmark spoiling for a fight. This title recounts in detail how on an early summer's evening in 1916, the two fleets clashed head to head: the events that followed would spark a polemic that still rages today.

From the review: Charles London's solid but brief account is a useful companion to the battle, with an appendix on wargaming (quite a challenge, apparently!). It is more debatable whether it teaches us anything new. The limits of space in this serial volume mean th ...
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