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Boyevye korabli yaponskogo flota: Podvodniye lodki 10.1918-8.1945 Spravochnik

By Apalkov, Yu. V.
(Japanese Fleet Warships: The Submarines Oct. 1918 - Aug. 1945, A Manual)
1999, Galeya Print St. Petersburg
ISBN 581720021X
Paperback, 230 pages, numerous 1/400th scale drawings and sections, 8 pp of photos
book is in Russian language

Descripton: A marvelous manual for every sublover, providing he can read Russian. Every class of Japanese submarines described in great detail, with a day after operational history of the Sixth Fleet, and later operational histories for each boat, service records, captains’ names, data tables, you name it. HIGHLY recommended, and only 500 (five hundred!) copies printed.