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Find and Destroy

Antisubmarine Warfare in World War I

By Messimer, Dwight
2001, United States Naval Inst.
ISBN 1557504474
Hardcover, 312 pages, 25 photos, 6 drawings, 10 maps

Descripton: From the publisher: "World War I was the crucible of antisubmarine warfare (ASW), and the years of trial and error between 1914 and 1918 gave rise to the weapons and tactics used by today’s ASW forces. With this study, military historian Dwight Messimer examines the weapons, tactics, and organization used by all the belligerents during the war and provides some surprising findings. Because he draws heavily from personal accounts as well as from official records, his book will appeal to both serious readers seeking hard facts and to general readers who like stories about war at sea."

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