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In Great Waters

The Epic Story of the Battle of the Atlantic, 1939-45

By Dunmore, Spencer
2000, McClelland & Stewart
ISBN 0771029365
Paperback, 342 pages, 30 b&w photos and certificates

Descripton: Superb coverage of the North Atlantic convoys from a Canadian perspective. Harshly critical of some leaders from Canada, USA, and Britain. Dunmore concentrates mainly on the Germans' exploitation of the U-boat and the Allied struggle to counter this using sea power, electronic warware, ASW, and air power. Includes many first hand accounts and is written with a strong sense of anecdotal storytelling as well as a balanced historical viewpoint. Includes table of losses, notes, and bibliography.

From the review: Spencer Dunmore is perhaps better known in the wider field for his 9 novels of wartime events - Bomb Run, Final Approach, Means of Escape and so on. Since then, and since moving to Canada, he has written three books on the warti ...
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