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Moral'nyi koefitsient

Rasskazy o podvodnikakh

By Solov'ev, Georgii
(The moral coefficient: Stories about submariners)
1944, Molodaia gvardiia, Moskva
126 pages
The book is a fiction
book is in Russian language

Descripton: The four short stories in this book deal with Soviet submariners in World War II. In Poedinok (Duel), a Soviet sub and a German U-boat stalk each other for several days before the U-boat loses the duel of wits. In the next story, which lends the book its title, the moral coefficient is a measure both of personal character and of crew morale; the cowardice of one officer contrasts with the bravery of the rest of the crew when the submarine hits a mine and is trapped on the bottom. Kok Fedja (Cook Fedja) tells the tale of a submarine's cook who is loved not just for his good humor and the meals he prepares, but for his musical talent. Nalet (Surprise Attack) describes the successful attack of a Soviet submarine on a German shore-based weather station.