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To Kill The Leopard

By Taylor, Theodore
1993, Harcourt Brace & Co.
ISBN 0151240973
Hardcover, 297 pages
The book is a fiction

Descripton: From the publisher: "Aboard the tanker S.S. Galveston, American Sully Jordan has joined the vital dash across the Atlantic to a besieged Great Britain. Beneath the surface of those same chill waters, prowls the U-122 - the invincible German U-boat commanded by a man known as "The Leopard." As the battle rages, these two men face off in a clash of explosive force." As he sets the scene, Theodore Taylor's action-packed narrative cuts swiftly between the German and Allied camps skillfully delineating each side's complex tactics in tracking the enemy's actions. Fascinating details of the British use of subtle psychological warfare, the French Resistance's intricate espionage network, American expediency, and Germany's advanced technology and single-minded determination to win the war take us gradually to the climactic denouement.

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