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Hitler's U-boat War

by Blair, Clay
The Hunters, 1939-1942
1996, Random House
ISBN 0394588398
Hardcover, 774 pages, 54 b&w photos
This first volume of Blair's massive and controversial work covers the U-boat war 1939-1942.

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73"The 205-foot, diesel-powered, single-screw corvette ..."All corvettes were powered by steam reciprocating engines (Lenton, 1998 (view)).
117"Blinded by the sun, Lott's bridge watch failed to see Icarus approaching. Caught by surprise…"U-35 was not "caught by surprise."
This mistake can be traced to the author's misinterpretation of ambiguous wording in the ASW Report for December 1939, which states that U-35 "was sighted by one of our destroyers silhouetted against the rising sun." The correct interpretation can be drawn from the original report issued by HMS ICARUS, which states that the destroyer "sighted the conning tower of a submarine … silhouetted against the red glow of the eastern sky" and further confirms that "the sighting must have been almost simultaneous as the conning tower disappeared very shortly after our first sighting."
193The page number cannot be printed, the mistake is in the first photo group, fifth page. There is a picture of a man said to be Herbert Schultze skipper of U-48.But the picture is of Kapitänleutnant Georg-Wilhelm Schulz commander of U-124 instead.
469The last of the three boats to arrive in the Cape Hatteras area was the green skipper Erich Folkers in U-125.The name of the commander was Ulrich Folkers.
484Typo: " patrolled close to two seaports of Iceland, Reykjavik and Seidisfjord".The name should be Seydisfjord, in Icelandic: Seyðisfjörður.
552"The agent who has not been identified in published sources".The agent has been identified as Icelander Ib Árnason Riis, of Ísafjörður, Iceland. Codename Cobweb.
560"There were two U-boat combat flotillas based in St.Nazaire: the 7th, commanded by Herbert Sohler and the 10th, commanded by Günter Kuhnke."The 7th Flotilla and commander is correct, but the 10th Flotilla was based in Lorient and the commander was KorvKpt. Günther Kuhnke. The 6th Flotilla was based in St.Nazaire and her commander was Kptlt. Georg-Wilhelm Schulz.
649Blair states that the U-83 "returned to Salamis".It actually went to La Spezia after this patrol (19 June, 1942).
664Typo: " Icelandic trawler, Skaftfellingor..."The name of the ship was Skaftfellingur.

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