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German U-boat Commanders of World War II

by Busch, Rainer and Röll, Hans-Joachim
A Biographical Dictionary
1999, United States Naval Inst.
ISBN 1557501866
301 pages
"This important biographical dictionary details the service records of the 1,411 officers of the German Kriegsmarine known to have commanded a U-boat between the commissioning of U-1 in June 1935 to the final surrender of U-977 to Argentina in August 1945. Full details of the careers of all Germany's U-boat commanders are provided: each officer's date of birth; the highest rank he attained; details of any decorations he received; his service record; and his ultimate fate - whether killed in action, taken prisoner or detained after the war for Allied interrogation. In addition, an index gives a numerical list of U-boats along with their commanding officers. This outstanding, new reference book is a valuable addition to the key works on the naval history of World War II. Rainer Busch and Hans-Joachim Röll are noted authorities on the development of the German submarine arm and on U-boat activity in World War II."

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28Becker, Klaus (59) POW 12.3.45Becker, Klaus (59). Interned in Ireland, because U-260 hit a mine and was scuttled
29Behrens, Udo (66) Staff FdU East 8/43-8/44Behrens, Udo (66) Staff Fdu West 8/43-8/44
31We read about commander named Berneck, Hinrich-Oscar.His name was Bernbeck, Hinrich-Oscar.
37Borm, KarlHis first name should be spelled with a C (Carl).
38FrgKpt. Karl Brandenburg is listed as member of Crew 1934.He was in fact from Crew 1924.
43Bühring, Hans-Jürgen ObltzS 1.4.42Bühring, Klaus-Jürgen ObltzS 1.4.42 and Kapitänleutnant 1.3.45
60Eckhardt, Hermann: The date of his death is given as 1 March, 1943.This should be 11 March, 1943 when his U-432 was sunk in action.
60von Eickstedt, Wolfgang Kplt 1.4.43von Eickstedt, Wolfgang Kplt 1.1.43
62Engel, Herbert Kplt 1.9.43 ObStrm U48 4/40-12/48Engel, Herbert Kplt 1.11.43 ObStrm U48 4/40-12/40
64Ewerth, Klaus (262). U-Cdr U-Fllotilla Saltzwedel 3.11.36-6.12.36Cdr U 35 3.11.36 - 6.12.36
73Franz, Ludwig class 1937 aFranz, Ludwig class 1937 b
79Geissler, HansGeissler, Johannes
80Gelhaar, born in FRANKFUR and belonged to Crew 1937.Gelhaar was born in Frankfurt in 1908, and was from Crew 1927.
84Gräf, Ulrich: The date of his death is listed as 7 Feb, 1943.He died on 17 Feb, 1943 when his U-69 was sunk with all hands.
97Heintze, Werner Kplt 1.10.43Heintze, Werner Kplt 1.1.43
99Hepp, Horst Kplt 1.11.43Hepp, Horst Kplt 1.10.43
100Herbschleb, Karl-Heinz. class 1935 Handelsmarine-HSO / Eintritt in Reichsmarine / Kriegsmarine, Crew 35/34 (former trading vessel officer)
118Jürs, Ralf class 1937 aJürs, Ralf class 1937 b
144von Lehsten, Detlef Kplt 18.2.45von Lehsten, Detlef ObltzS 1.4.42 and Kplt 1.3.45
177Has a typo in the entry for Meyer, Fritz stating that he commanded U 507 in 1941. He commanded U 207 instead.
178Michahelles, Hermann: Details of birth not recorded. U-Cdr 2nd U-Flotilla Saltzwedel 1.10.36-2.11.36, Cdr U 35 3.11.36-30.7.37, Per rank listings 1.11.36 Michahelles was scheduled to command U 36 but he was still commanding U 35 when U 36 was commissioned on 3.11.36 (U-Boat Archive per Kretschmer [663]born 11.1.1909, Baubelehrung U 36, Germaniawerft Kiel 1.10.36 - 6.12.36, Cdr U 35 2.37 - 30.7.37. Per rank listings 1.11.36 Michahelles was scheduled to command U 36, but command was given to Klaus Ewerth on 7.12.36 - just prior to its commissioning.
179Michel, Georg-Heinz KKpt 1.10.43Michel, Georg-Heinz KKpt 1.11.43
209Reith, Hans-Erwin ObltzS 1.10.42Reith, Hans-EDWIN ObltzS 1.10.43
219Salman, Otto KKpt 1.4.44Salman, Otto KKpt 1.1.44
219Sass,Paul-Heinrich class 1939 ObltzS 1.4.43Sass,Paul-Heinrich classe 1938 ObltzS 1.1.43
227Schlömer, Fokko Kplt 1.7.42Schlömer, Fokko Oberleutnant KrO (Kriegsoffizier) 1.7.42
240Schwarting, Bernhard: The date of his death is given as 12 March, 1945.On the same page it states that his command of U-905 ended on 12 March, 1945 when the boat was sunk. This fate has been re-assessed and now it's belived that the boat was sunk on 27 March, 1945.
268Wendt, Karl-Heinz: The date of his death is listed as 2 Feb, 1945.He died on 20 Feb, 1945 when his U-1276 was sunk with all hands.
284U 35 Michahelles ...U 35 Ewerth [262], Michahelles ...
290In the index of U-boats the entry for U 505 points to commander entry 694 (Hans Lange) as her last commander.It should point to entry 696 (Harald Lange).

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