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U-Boat Operations of the Second World War - Vol 2

by Wynn, Kenneth
1998, United States Naval Inst.
ISBN 1557508623
336 pages, 9 maps, apps. bibliog. #1-8607/
Career Histories, U-511 - Uit25. This is the second of two volumes covering the operational histories of all the U-boats that saw action in World War II.

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129Says U-706 did 4 patrols.According to Busch/Röll and others U-706 went out on 5 patrols.
155Sinking information for U-759U-759 was sunk on 15 July 1943, Caribbean, South of Haiti, 15-58N, 73-44W by VP-32 Sqdn. (Lt. R.C. Mayo)
196U-966 shot down Wellington T of 407 (Canadian) RAF Sq.The only Wellington that U-966 shot at was 'B' of 612 Sq, who first found and attacked them.
207It says that U-476 was sunk NNW of KRISTIANSAND. This town is in the south of Norway and is wrong.The town's name shall be KRISTIANSUND (not too far from Trondheim).
263U-3003 is said to have been built by Blohm & Voss, Hamburg.But she was built by Deschimag AG Weser, Bremen instead.
279UD 1 is said to have been "Ex Norwegian 08".She was really "Ex Netherlands 08".

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