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by Miller, David
The Illustrated History of the Raiders of the Deep
2000, Brasseys Inc
ISBN 1574882465
208 pages, numerous b&w photos, tables, diagrams, maps
Encyclopedic coverage of World War II U-boat operations, weapons, and technologies; also provides a brief overview of World War I U-boats. Appendix includes a table listing details of all U-boats lost.

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Errata list

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22In the data of the Type II U-boats the number of torpedoes carried is said to have been six (6).The supply of torpedos on the type II A,B,C and D was five (5).
101In the chapter "ROCKETS AND MISSILES" we read about "Korvettenkapitän Fritz Steinhoff commanding officer of U-551"This is a triple mistake;
1) In May of 1942 Fritz Steinhoff was a Kapitänleutnant
2) The commander officer of U-551 type VIIC is Kapitänleutnant Karl Schrott
3) The U-boat of this launch is U-511 type IXC.
135"The youngest commanding officer was [...] Hans-Georg Hess who took command just a few months after his twenty-first birthday."The youngest commander was Leutnant zur See Ludwig-Ferdinand von Friedeburg. Please see our FAQ on this topic.
142The very highest combat decoration was the Oakleaves with Swords and Diamonds to the Knight´s Cross of Iron Cross. The very highest combat decoration was Knight's Cross with Golden Oakleaves, Swords & Diamonds that was given to the Stuka pilot Hans Ulrich Rudel on 1 January 1945. Note that the Golden Oakleaves were awarded once during the entire war, the decoration being instituted in answer to Rudel's continuing feats of unprecedented heroism.

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