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Patrol info for U-231

DepartureArrival / FateDuration
13 Apr 1943Kiel31 May 1943La Pallice49 days


Officers *

Kptlt. Wolfgang Wenzel

Daily positions, sinkings and allied attacks during the patrol of U-231

We have 47 daily positions for the 49 days U-231 was at sea.

Wolfpack operations during this patrol

U-231 operated with the following Wolfpacks during this patrol
   Star (27 Apr 1943 - 4 May 1943)
   Fink (4 May 1943 - 6 May 1943)
   Elbe (7 May 1943 - 10 May 1943)
   Elbe 1 (10 May 1943 - 14 May 1943)
   Mosel (19 May 1943 - 22 May 1943)

Ships hit by U-231 during this patrol

General Events during this patrol

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Attacks on U-231 during this patrol

22 Apr 1943
03.00 hrs, SE of Iceland: a British Catalina flying boat (190 Sqn RAF/T) strafed U-231 and dropped two bombs. The boat was undamaged, but one man was lost overboard. [Obersteuermann Walter Krause]

At 12.29 hrs, a second Catalina (190 Sqn RAF/E) dropped four bombs, this time with no effect.

23 Apr 1943
An attack by an unidentified aircraft left the boat with a flooded conning tower. The boat survived to reach France on May 31, after another unidentified aircraft attack on the way. (Sources: Blair, vol 2, page 335)

21 May 1943
Late evening, mid Atlantic in the vicinity of convoy ON 184: a bomb from an American Avenger aircraft (VC-9 USN, pilot Lt Cdr Drane) from escort carrier USS Bogue (CVE 9) left the boat with a leak in the stern trimming tank. Chlorine gas from the aft battery compartment forced U-231 to return to base. Because both radio transmitters were also damaged, the boat did not respond to calls from BdU, and was supposed lost for a few days until U-305 reported her situation.

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