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DepartureArrival / FateDuration
30 Jul 1942Kiel6 Sep 1942Lorient39 days


Officers *

FrgKpt. Ulrich Thilo

Oblt. Hans-J├╝rgen Lauterbach-Emden

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   Lohs (11 Aug 1942 - 26 Aug 1942)

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Attacks on U-174 during this patrol

25 Aug 1942
While picking up survivors of the sinking of Trolla in thick fog astern of convoy ONS 122, HNoMS Potentilla obtained a radar contact approaching her in this vulnerable situation. At 05.21 hrs the corvette turned towards the contact and engaged U-174 with all weapons at a range of less than 300m (329 yds). One of five rounds from the 4in gun was observed to hit the base of the conning tower, and several hits by the AA guns were also observed. She had completely surprised the U-boat, but missed ramming her by a few metres, turning astern and coming up on her port side, then dropping five depth charges so close that the charge from the starboard thrower went over the diving U-boat to detonate on her starboard side, while the others landed to port. HNoMS Potentilla then dropped four depth charges ahead of the diving point, afterwards circling the area for an hour without obtaining an Asdic contact. The area was littered with wreckage and oil from convoy ships sunk, so no traces could be attributed to the U-boat. U-174 surfaced more than five hours later and surveyed the damage: several hits to the upper deck and conning tower, together with a leak in the galley and an untraceable leak that left a trail of oil behind the boat, forcing the commander to break off the patrol. (Sources: ADM reports, KTB U-174)

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