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DepartureArrival / FateDuration
27 Jul 1943Brest1 Aug 1943Lost6 days


Officers *

Kptlt. Horst Kremser

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Departure from Brest on 27 Jul 1943.
28 Jul 1943 - 29 Jul 1943 - 30 Jul 1943 - 31 Jul 1943 -
Sunk on 1 Aug 1943.

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Attacks on U-383 during this patrol

1 Aug 1943
The sinking of U-383
20.02 hrs, Bay of Biscay, outbound: British Sunderland flying boat JM678 (228 Sqdn RAF/V, pilot F/L S. White), despite being hit by flak during an initial attack run, returned to drop seven depth charges, straddling the U-boat from the starboard quarter. The Sunderland then left to return to base, since flak hits had holed the hull and shot away the starboard float and aileron.

U-383 was last seen by the aircraft with a heavy list to port and men jumping overboard. Kremser reported to BdU that they were unable to dive and the boat was out of control. U-218, U-454 and U-706 were ordered to give assistance, with air cover and an escort of three torpedo boats promised the following day. However, U-454 had been lost earlier that day, and U-218, despite hearing the attack from nearby, was unable to locate U-383 in the darkness. The search continued the next day, but both U-boats were attacked by aircraft, and the torpedo boats searched the area without sighting anything. U-383 had apparently foundered during the night.

(Sources: Franks/Zimmerman)

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