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DepartureArrival / FateDuration
4 Aug 1942La Pallice8 Oct 1942La Pallice66 days


Officers *

Kptlt. Hans-Peter Hinsch

Hans-Ulrich Scheltz

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   Lohs (11 Aug 1942 - 21 Sep 1942)

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Attacks on U-569 during this patrol

25 Aug 1942
At 11.10 hrs HNoMS Potentilla obtained a radar contact when returning to convoy ONS 122 which was initially thought to be a merchant ship, but while circling it in bad visibility the hydrophone operator reported that the contact was definitely a U-boat. While the corvette headed at full speed towards it the fog lifted and U-569 was sighted directly ahead. The commander intended to ram the U-boat but the gunners of the 4in gun opened fire without orders and lost the element of surprise. No hits were observed from the five 4in rounds fired, but shells from the 20mm AA guns were seen to hit U-569, which crash-dived immediately. The corvette dropped her last three light depth charges ahead of the swirl and swept the area without Asdic contact until returning to the convoy about 13.00 hrs. The U-boat had dived to 130m and was not damaged by the depth charges, but on surfacing more than five hours later several cannon hits were found on the conning tower. (Sources: ADM reports, KTB U-569)

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