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23 Apr 1942La Spezia2 May 1942Lost10 days


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Oblt. Karl Friederich

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The boat was ordered to operate against enemy aircraft carriers that entered the Western Mediterranean from Gibraltar to launch fighter aircraft for Malta.

In the afternoon on 1 May, U-573 was badly damaged during an air attack and called for help. U-74 left its operational area to assist and was en route unsuccessfully attacked by HMS Unbroken at 22.22 hours. No contact was made with the U-boat in distress during the night, which reached the port of Cartagena in neutral Spain under own power the next morning. However, a Catalina flying boat still searching for the crippled U-boat located U-375 during the afternoon on 2 May and its sighting report brought two British destroyers to the scene, which searched the area and located and sank the nearby U-74 while U-375 escaped.

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Attacks on U-74 during this patrol

1 May 1942
14.05 hrs, approx. 30 miles (48km) ESE of Almeria, Spain: Hudson T9387 (233 Sqn RAF/B, pilot PO Vivian E. Camacho, RCAF) on patrol from Gibraltar dropped four 250lb depth charges on U-74. Two were seen to explode ahead of the swirl about 13 seconds after U-74 dived. No damage. (Sources: ADM 199/1782)

1 May 1942
22.22 hrs, approx. 30 miles (48km) SE of Almeria, Spain: HMS Unbroken launched three torpedoes at a U-boat, without success. HMS Georgetown, HMS Vidette and HMS Westcott on A/S patrol east of Gibraltar were subsequently sent to this position but found nothing. This must have been U-74, which was en route to assist the crippled U-573. (Sources: ADM 199/662)

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