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USS Enterprise (CV 6)

Aircraft carrier of the Yorktown class

USS Enterprise in November 1943.

NavyThe US Navy
TypeAircraft carrier
PennantCV 6 
Built byNewport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co. (Newport News, Virginia, U.S.A.) 
Laid down16 Jul 1934 
Launched3 Oct 1936 
Commissioned12 May 1938 
End service17 Feb 1947 

Decommissioned 17 February 1947.
Stricken 2 October 1956.
Sold 1 July 1958 to be broken up for scrap.
Scrapped at Kearny, New Jersey from September 1958 until March 1960.


Commands listed for USS Enterprise (CV 6)

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1Newton Harris White, Jr., USN12 May 193821 Dec 1938
2Capt. Charles Alan Pownall, USN21 Dec 193821 Mar 1941
3Capt. George Dominic Murray, USN21 Mar 194130 Jun 1942
4Capt. Arthur Cayley Davis, USN30 Jun 194221 Oct 1942
5Capt. Osborne Bennett Hardison, USN21 Oct 19427 Apr 1943
6T/Capt. Carlos Wilhelm Wieber, USN7 Apr 194316 Apr 1943
7T/R.Adm. Samuel Paul Ginder, Sr., USN16 Apr 19437 Nov 1943
8T/R.Adm. Matthias Bennett Gardner, USN7 Nov 194310 Jul 1944
9T/Cdr. Thomas James Hamilton, USN10 Jul 194429 Jul 1944
10T/Capt. Cato Douglass Glover, Jr., USN29 Jul 194414 Dec 1944
11T/Capt. Grover Budd Hartley Hall, USN14 Dec 194425 Sep 1945

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Notable events involving Enterprise include:

4 Dec 1941
USS Enterprise send F4F Wildcat aircraft ordered to reinforce US garrison at Wake Island.

7 Dec 1941
USS Enterprise was positioned near Oahu Island. Early morning SBD bombers had taken off from carrier and came over Pearl Harbor during Japanese attack. Five of them were shot down by Japanese Zero fighters and one by US AA guns. (1)

1 Feb 1942
64 planes from USS Enterprise attacked Japanese installations and vessels at Wotje, Makin and Mili islands. One cruiser and minelayer were damaged in this action. Japanese aircraft conducted an counterattack and lightly damaged US carrier. Six American aircraft were lost in this action. (1)

24 Feb 1942
USS Enterprise conducted an air raid against Wake Island (occupied by Japanese). (1)

4 Mar 1942
USS Enterprise conducted an attack against Marcus Island. (1)

4 Jun 1942
USS Enterprise took part in The Battle of Midway. She sent her airplanes against Japanese carriers. Torpedo bombers attacked first, but ten of them were shot down. All torpedoed missed the targets. Few minutes later SBD bombers (under command of Captain McClusky) attacked. They hit Japanese carriers Akagi and Kaga (while Japanese were refuelling and rearming their aircraft). Huge flames caused heavy damaged and carriers had to be sunk by Japanese destroyers. Later, dive bombers from USS Enterprise and USS Hornet sunk carrier Hiryu. (1)

6 Jun 1942
Aircraft from USS Enterprise and USS Hornet sink Japanese heavy cruiser Mikuma and badly damaged another cruiser (Mogami). Both Japanese vessels were damaged earlier due to collision. (1)

24 Aug 1942
During the Battle of Eastern Salomon Islands, aircraft from USS Enterprise and USS Saratoga sunk Japanese carrier Ryujo, damaged light cruiser Jintsu and hydroplanes tender Chitose. One of Japanese cargo ships was also sunk. Japanese aircraft damaged Enterprise by three bombs that caused huge fire. Luckily, Japanese second air group failed to find US forces, so USS Enterprise managed to survive. (1)

26 Oct 1942
Japanese carrier Shokaku was heavily damaged by planes from Enterprise (six bomb hits). Enterprise was attacked too. She was hit by three bombs, but avoided 25 torpedoed (!) 26 of attacking airplanes were shot down due to heavy and accurate AA gunfire from Enterprise and South Dakota battleship. (1)

14 Nov 1942
Torpedo bombers from USS Enterprise took part in sinking of Japanese battlecrusier Hiei. Later this day US planes (from Enterprise and Henderson Field at Guadalcanal) sank Japanese heavy cruiser Kinugasa and damaged four other ships (CA's Chokai and Maya; CL Isuzu, DD Michishio). (1)

19 Nov 1943
USS Enterprise supported US landing at Makin Island. (1)

20 Nov 1943
USS Enterprise supported US landing at Tarawa. (1)

12 Feb 1944
Task Force 58 departed Majuro Atoll for operation HAILSTONE, a raid against the Japanese base at Truk Atoll.

Task Force 58 was made up of the following ships;

Task Group 58.1
Aircraft carriers USS Enterprise (Capt. M.B. Gardner, USN), USS Yorktown (Capt. R.E. Jennings, USN), light carrier USS Belleau Wood (Capt. A.M. Pride, USN), light cruisers Santa Fé (Capt. J. Wright, USN), Mobile (Capt. C.J. Wheeler, USN), Biloxi (Capt. D.M. McGurl, USN), USS Oakland (Capt. W.K. Phillips, USN) and the destroyers USS Clarence K. Bronson (Lt.Cdr. J.C. McGoughran, USN), USS Cotten (Cdr. F.T. Sloat, USN), USS Dortch (Cdr. R.C. Young, USN), USS Gatling (Cdr. A.F. Richardson, USN), USS Healy (Cdr. J.C. Atkeson, USN), USS Cogswell (Cdr. H.T. Deutermann, USN), USS Caperton (Cdr. W.J. Miller, USN), USS Ingersoll (Cdr. A.C. Veasey, USN), USS Knapp (Cdr. F. Virden, USN).

Task Group 58.2
Aircraft carriers USS Essex (Capt. R.A. Ofstie, USN), USS Intrepid (Capt. T.L. Sprague, USN), light carrier USS Cabot (Capt. M.F. Schoeffel, USN), heavy cruisers USS Wichita (Capt J.J. Mahoney, USN), USS Baltimore (Capt. W.C. Calhoun, USN), light cruisers USS San Francisco (Capt. H.E. Overesch, USN), USS San Diego (Capt. L.J. Hudson, USN), destroyers USS Owen (Cdr. R.W. Wood, USN), USS Miller (Cdr. T.H. Kobey, USN), USS The Sullivans (Cdr. K.M. Gentry, USN), USS Stephen Potter (Cdr. C.H. Crichton, USN), USS Hickox (Cdr. W.M. Sweetser, USN), USS Hunt (Cdr. H.A. Knoertzer, USN), USS Lewis Hancock (Cdr. C.H. Lyman, 3rd, USN), USS Stembel (Cdr. W.L. Tagg, USN) and USS Stack (Lt.Cdr. R.E. Wheeler, USN).

Task Group 58.3
Aircraft carrier USS Bunker Hill (Capt. T.P. Jeter, USN), light carriers USS Monterey (Capt. L.T. Hundt, USN), USS Cowpens (Capt. R.P. McConnell, USN), battleships USS North Carolina (Capt. F.P. Thomas, USN), USS Massachusetts (Capt. T.D. Ruddock, Jr., USN), USS South Dakota (Capt. A.E. Smith, USN), USS Alabama (Capt. F.D. Kirtland, USN), USS Iowa (Capt. J.L. McCrea, USN), USS New Jersey (Capt. C.F. Holden, USN), heavy cruisers USS Minneapolis (Capt. R.W. Bates, USN), USS New Orleans (Capt. S.R. Shumaker, USN), destroyers USS Izard (Cdr. E.K. van Swearingen, USN), USS Charrette (Cdr. E.S. Karpe, USN), USS Conner (Cdr. W.E. Kaitner, USN), USS Bell (Cdr. L.C. Petross, USN), USS Burns (Cdr. D.T. Eller, USN), USS Bradford (Cdr. R.L. Morris, USN), USS Brown (Cdr. T.H. Copeman, USN), USS Cowell (Cdr. C.W. Parker, USN), USS Wilson (Lt.Cdr. C.K. Duncan, USN), USS Sterett (Lt.Cdr. F.J.L. Blouin, USN) and USS Lang (Cdr. H. Payson, Jr., USN).

17 Feb 1944
USS Enterprise conducted an air attack against Truk (strong Japanese base in Caroline Archipelago). (1)

18 Mar 1944
USS Enterprise supported US landing at Emirau. (1)

20 Jun 1944
During the First Battle at Philippine Sea (also known as "Great Marians Turkey Shoot"), USS Enterprise (as a part of 5th Fleet) send her aircraft against Japanese vessels. Americans sunk the carrier Hiyo and damaged several other ships. (1)

31 Aug 1944
USS Enterprise conducted air raids against Japanese installations at Iwo - Jima and Chichi -Jima islands. (1)

24 Oct 1944
Aircrafts from USS Enterprise were among those that sunk Musashi - one of two greatest battleships in history (Battle of Leyte). (1)

30 Dec 1944
USS Enterprise and USS Independence left Ulithi anchorage ordered to fight with Japanese night bombers in the Philippine area. Both carriers had aircraft equipped with radars (night versions of F6F Hellcat fighters and TBM torpedo bombers). (1)

16 Jan 1945
USS Enterprise conducted an air raid against Hong Kong. (1)

21 Jan 1945
Attack at Japanese forces at Taiwan. (1)

22 Jan 1945
Air raid at Okinawa Island. (1)

25 Jan 1945
USS Enterprise returned to Ulithi. (1)

18 Mar 1945
Enterprise was slightly damaged by Kamikaze aircraft. (1)

19 Mar 1945
Enterprise was slightly damaged by Kamikaze aircraft. (1)

11 Apr 1945
Another Kamikaze aircraft hit the Big "E". This time caused serious damage. Carrier had to retreat to Ulithi where she was repaired. (1)

12 May 1945
Enterprise send her aircraft against Japanese airfields at Kiusiu Island. (1)

13 May 1945
Another attack at Japanese airfields. (1)

14 May 1945
USS Enterprise was seriously damaged by Kamikaze aircraft. She was forced to return to base for repairs. It was the last day in USS Enterprise war duty. She had been repaired, but never again saw combat action. (1)

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