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The coastal defence ship RHS Lemnos of the Royal Hellenic Navy. She was lost on 24 Apr 1941.

Technical information

TypeCoastal defence ship
Displacement13000 BRT 
Armament4 12" guns (2x2)
8 8" guns (4x2)
8 7" guns (4x2)
11 3" guns
2 3" AA guns
Max speed17 knots
Notes on classFormer US battleships taken over in 1914. 

Royal Hellenic Navy Royal Hellenic Navy ships of the Kilkis class

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RHS Kilkis Lost on 24 Apr 1941
RHS Lemnos Lost on 24 Apr 1941

2 Coastal defence ships of the Kilkis class. 2 of them were lost.

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