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The rescue tug HMS Stormking (W 87) of the Royal Navy.

Technical information

TypeRescue Tug
Displacement700 BRT 
Length47.8 m 
Complement31 men 
Armament1 3" AA gun.
2 20mm AA.
2 MG AA. 
Max speed14 knots
Power1350 HP 
Notes on class 

Royal Navy Royal Navy ships of the Assurance class

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HMS Adept (W 107) Lost on 17 Mar 1942
HMS Allegiance (W 50)
HMS Antic (W 141)
HMS Assiduous (W 142)
HMS Assurance (i) (W 59) Lost on 18 Oct 1941
HMS Charon (W 109)
HMS Dexterous (W 111)
HMS Diligent (W 18)
HMS Earner (W 143)
HMS Frisky (W 11)
HMS Griper (W 112)
HMS Hengist (W 110)
HMS Horsa (W 97) Lost on 16 Mar 1943
HMS Jaunty (W 30)
HMS Prosperous (W 96)
HMS Prudent (W 73)
HMS Restive (W 39)
HMS Saucy (ii) (W 131)
HMS Sesame (W 144) Lost on 11 Jun 1944
HMS Adherent (W 108) Lost on 14 Jan 1944
HMS Stormking (W 87)

21 Rescue Tugs of the Assurance class. 5 of them were lost.

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