Ship losses by month

August 1940

This is the full listing of all ships hit during August 1940. You can click on any of the links for further information on either ship, U-boat, commander or convoy.

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
1 Aug 1940U-34Wilhelm Rollmann HMS Spearfish (N 69)670br
1 Aug 1940U-59Joachim Matz Sigyn1,981sw
2 Aug 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Alexia (d.)8,016brOB-191
2 Aug 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Lucerna (d.)6,556brOB-191
2 Aug 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Strinda (d.)10,973nwOB-191
3 Aug 1940U-57Erich Topp Atos2,161sw
3 Aug 1940UAHans Cohausz Rad4,201yu
4 Aug 1940U-52Otto Salman Geraldine Mary7,244brHX-60
4 Aug 1940U-52Otto Salman Gogovale4,586brHX-60
4 Aug 1940U-52Otto Salman King Alfred5,272brHX-60
4 Aug 1940U-58Heinrich Schonder Pindos4,360grSL-40
5 Aug 1940U-56Otto Harms Boma5,408brOB-193
7 Aug 1940U-38Heinrich Liebe Mohamed Ali El-Kebir7,527br
8 Aug 1940U-37Victor Oehrn Upwey Grange9,130br
9 Aug 1940U-30Fritz-Julius Lemp Canton5,779sw
10 Aug 1940U-56Otto Harms HMS Transylvania (F 56)16,923br
11 Aug 1940U-38Heinrich Liebe Llanfair4,966brSL-41
13 Aug 1940U-60Adalbert Schnee Nils Gorthon1,787swHX-62
14 Aug 1940U-59Joachim Matz Betty2,339br
15 Aug 1940U-51Dietrich Knorr Sylvafield5,709brHX-62
15 Aug 1940UAHans Cohausz Aspasia4,211gr
16 Aug 1940U-100Joachim Schepke Empire Merchant4,864br
16 Aug 1940U-30Fritz-Julius Lemp Clan Macphee6,628brOB-197
16 Aug 1940U-46Engelbert Endrass Alcinous (d.)6,189nlOB-197
16 Aug 1940U-48Hans Rudolf Rösing Hedrun2,325swOB-197
19 Aug 1940U-101Fritz Frauenheim Ampleforth4,576brOA-199
19 Aug 1940U-48Hans Rudolf Rösing Ville de Gand7,590be
19 Aug 1940UAHans Cohausz Kelet4,295un
20 Aug 1940U-46Engelbert Endrass Leonidas M. Valmas (t.)2,080gr
20 Aug 1940UAHans Cohausz Tuira4,397paOB-198
23 Aug 1940U-37Victor Oehrn Keret1,718nwOA-200
23 Aug 1940U-37Victor Oehrn Severn Leigh5,242brOA-200
24 Aug 1940U-37Victor Oehrn Brookwood5,100brOA-200
24 Aug 1940U-37Victor Oehrn HMS Penzance (L 28)1,025brSC-1
24 Aug 1940U-48Hans Rudolf Rösing La Brea6,665brHX-65
24 Aug 1940U-57Erich Topp Cumberland10,939brOB-202
24 Aug 1940U-57Erich Topp Havildar (d.)5,407brOB-202
24 Aug 1940U-57Erich Topp Saint Dunstan5,681brOB-202
25 Aug 1940U-100Joachim Schepke Jamaica Pioneer5,471br
25 Aug 1940U-124Georg-Wilhelm Schulz Fircrest5,394brHX-65A
25 Aug 1940U-124Georg-Wilhelm Schulz Harpalyce5,169brHX-65A
25 Aug 1940U-124Georg-Wilhelm Schulz Stakesby (d.)3,900brHX-65A
25 Aug 1940U-37Victor Oehrn Blairmore4,141brSC-1
25 Aug 1940U-37Victor Oehrn Yewcrest3,774brOB-201
25 Aug 1940U-48Hans Rudolf Rösing Athelcrest6,825brHX-65A
25 Aug 1940U-48Hans Rudolf Rösing Empire Merlin5,763brHX-65A
25 Aug 1940U-57Erich Topp Pecten7,468brHX-65B
27 Aug 1940U-28Günter Kuhnke Eva1,599nwSC-1
27 Aug 1940U-37Victor Oehrn Theodoros T.3,409gr
27 Aug 1940U-46Engelbert Endrass HMS Dunvegan Castle15,007brSL-43
28 Aug 1940U-101Fritz Frauenheim Elle3,868fiSC-1
28 Aug 1940U-28Günter Kuhnke Kyno3,946brHX-66
29 Aug 1940U-100Joachim Schepke Alida Gorthon2,373swOA-204
29 Aug 1940U-100Joachim Schepke Astra II2,393brOA-204
29 Aug 1940U-100Joachim Schepke Dalblair4,608brOA-204
29 Aug 1940U-100Joachim Schepke Empire Moose6,103brOA-204
29 Aug 1940U-100Joachim Schepke Hartismere (d.)5,498brOA-204
30 Aug 1940U-32Hans Jenisch Chelsea4,804brHX-66A
30 Aug 1940U-32Hans Jenisch Mill Hill4,318brHX-66A
30 Aug 1940U-32Hans Jenisch Norne3,971nwHX-66A
30 Aug 1940U-59Joachim Matz Anadara (d.)8,009brOB-205
30 Aug 1940U-59Joachim Matz San Gabriel (t.)4,943grOB-205
31 Aug 1940U-38Heinrich Liebe Har Zion2,508brOB-205
31 Aug 1940U-46Engelbert Endrass Ville de Hasselt7,461be
31 Aug 1940U-59Joachim Matz Bibury4,616brOB-205
31 Aug 1940U-60Adalbert Schnee Volendam (d.)15,434nlOB-205

57 ships sunk (287,311 tons) and 9 ships damaged (69,982 tons).

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(d.) means the ship was damaged.
(t.) means the ship was a total loss (included in ships & tonnage lost).

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