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British motor merchant

Photo courtesy of Allan C. Green Collection

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British motor merchant Zealandic.

Aboard Zealandic when hit on 17 Jan 1941

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NameAgeRankServed on
BritishAllibone, John Joseph, Merchant Navy64GreaserZealandic +
BritishAttwood, Francis Harold, Merchant Navy49Chief OfficerZealandic +
BritishBaker, Lancelot George, Merchant Navy34First ElectricianZealandic +
BritishBammant, John Rylance, Merchant Navy23Fourth OfficerZealandic +
BritishBarber, John Lowe, Merchant Navy23Assistant StewardZealandic +
BritishBarber, Robert Clark, Merchant Navy46Fourth Engineer OfficerZealandic +
BritishBarclay, David James, Civilian26PassengerZealandic +
BritishBarker, John Joseph, Merchant Navy18ScullionZealandic +
AustralianBeckett, Albert John, Merchant Navy37Fifth Engineer OfficerZealandic +
BritishBilby, Percy Edward, Merchant Navy24GreaserZealandic +
BritishBolger, James, Merchant Navy60Chief StewardZealandic +
BritishBowden, Arthur Edward, Merchant Navy34Assistant StewardZealandic +
BritishBowlt, Robert Jackson, Merchant Navy43Boatswain (Bosun)Zealandic +
BritishBrunton, Arthur John, Merchant Navy31Chief Refrigerator EngineerZealandic +
BritishClements, Andrew, Merchant Navy15Steward's BoyZealandic +
BritishClose, Frederick James, Merchant Navy20Ordinary SeamanZealandic +
BritishConnor, John, Merchant Navy49StorekeeperZealandic +
BritishDaniels, Alfred John, Merchant Navy37Third Engineer OfficerZealandic +
AustralianDonald, Alan, Merchant Navy23Sixth Engineer OfficerZealandic +
BritishEdwards, Peter, Merchant Navy23SailorZealandic +
BritishEllis, William, Merchant Navy38First Radio OfficerZealandic +
New ZealandExcell, Ivan, Merchant Navy24Seventh Engineer OfficerZealandic +
BritishFicken, Michael, Merchant Navy18Ordinary SeamanZealandic +
AustralianFittall, Robert George, RANR31Leading Seaman (DEMS gunner)Zealandic +
BritishFleming, George, Merchant Navy22Third ElectricianZealandic +
BritishFrankson, Thomas, Merchant Navy31GreaserZealandic +
BritishFraser, Leonard Robert, Merchant Navy23Able SeamanZealandic +
BritishGarrett, Arthur Richard, Merchant Navy30Able SeamanZealandic +
BritishGraham, Walter Thomas, Merchant Navy34Able SeamanZealandic +
BritishGriffin, Ernest Emmanuel, Merchant Navy36StewardZealandic +
BritishGrove, John, Merchant Navy15BoyZealandic +
BritishHampton, Raymond Eric, Merchant Navy24StewardZealandic +
BritishHarrison, Albert Edward, Merchant Navy38Seventh Engineer OfficerZealandic +
BritishHatherly, Thomas Charles, Merchant Navy27Assistant CookZealandic +
AustralianHedley, Kenneth George, RANR25Leading SeamanZealandic +
AustralianHolden, George William, RANR28Lieutenant (DEMS gunner)Zealandic +
BritishIronside, Robert Thomas, Merchant Navy33Assistant StewardZealandic +
BritishJones, William, Merchant Navy27Able SeamanZealandic +
New ZealandJordan, Richard Henry, Merchant Navy25Ninth Engineer OfficerZealandic +
BritishLascelles, David Pellow, RAF31Passenger (Wing Commander)Zealandic +
BritishLascelles, Diana Trelawny, Civilian30PassengerZealandic +
BritishLaustsen, Marinus, Merchant Navy49GreaserZealandic +
BritishLlewellyn, Edward James, Merchant Navy16Deck BoyZealandic +
BritishMarsh, Derrick Bradshaw, Merchant Navy20Second Radio OfficerZealandic +
BritishMasson, William, Merchant Navy22Able SeamanZealandic +
BritishMcCullough, Walter J., Merchant Navy35Second Engineer OfficerZealandic +
BritishMcGeown, John, Merchant Navy28GreaserZealandic +
BritishMcLachlan, Hugh, Merchant Navy19Assistant StewardZealandic +
BritishMitchell, Dudley Elkington, Merchant Navy48ElectricianZealandic +
BritishMorris, Bruce Manners, Merchant Navy42Second OfficerZealandic +
BritishMoxham, William Henry, Civilian43PassengerZealandic +
AustralianOgilvie, Frederick James, Merchant Navy62MasterZealandic +
BritishPage, John William, Merchant Navy33Able SeamanZealandic +
BritishPatrick, Archibald Mcallister, Merchant Navy22Tenth Engineer OfficerZealandic +
BritishPiggott, Robert Cubitt, Merchant Navy35GreaserZealandic +
BritishPowell, Patrick, Merchant Navy37GreaserZealandic +
BritishRichards, Charles, Merchant Navy60CarpenterZealandic +
BritishRosier, James, Merchant Navy64GreaserZealandic +
BritishRyan, Charles Richard, Merchant Navy61BakerZealandic +
BritishScott, John, Merchant Navy29Able SeamanZealandic +
BritishShort, Frank Edward, Merchant Navy43DonkeymanZealandic +
New ZealandSmith, John Kitchener, Merchant Navy26Ordinary SeamanZealandic +
BritishSteward, Charles Ernest, Merchant Navy35Chief CookZealandic +
BritishStewart, David Alexander, Merchant Navy41Chief Engineer OfficerZealandic +
BritishStewart, John, Merchant Navy36Able SeamanZealandic +
BritishStewart, John Robert, Merchant Navy25GreaserZealandic +
BritishSuliman Sadik, , Merchant Navy49Lamp TrimmerZealandic +
New ZealandThompson, Dick Whinray, Merchant Navy22Second Refrigerator EngineerZealandic +
BritishTickell, Robert Wilcox, Merchant Navy20CadetZealandic +
BritishTolan, James, Merchant Navy28Third Radio OfficerZealandic +
New ZealandWhite-Parsons, Peter Nelson, Merchant Navy19ApprenticeZealandic +
BritishWildsmith, John, Merchant Navy26Third OfficerZealandic +
BritishWood, Frederick James, RN48LieutenantZealandic +

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