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Krasnyj Partizan

Soviet steam merchant

Photo courtesy of Dmitriy A. Sidorov

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Soviet steam merchant Krasnyj Partizan.

Aboard Krasnyj Partizan when hit on 26 Jan 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
SovietAnnikov, Vasiliy Afanasievich, Merchant Navy38Chief OfficerKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietAntipov, Aleksander Ivanovich, Merchant Navy32Radio OperatorKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietBaderniy, Yakov Sergeevich, Merchant Navy29Chief MachinistKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietBalev, Aleksander Vasilievich, Merchant Navy31Electrical OfficerKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietBelov, Aristarkh Fomich, Merchant Navy30MasterKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietBelyaev, Aleksander Mikhailovich, Soviet Navy36Red Navy ManKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietBugaenko, Andrey Danilovich, Merchant Navy20Ordinary SeamanKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietButenko, Nikolai Vasilievich, Merchant Navy19Fireman 1st classKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietChernukha, Ambrosiy Pavlovich, Merchant Navy35Second OfficerKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietDubinin, Nikolai Semyonovich, Merchant Navy18Fireman 2nd classKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietDubrovin, Ivan Gavrilovich, Soviet Navy27Red Navy Man (AA Gunner)Krasnyj Partizan +
SovietEgorov, Vasiliy Kuzmich, Merchant Navy28Third Engineering OfficerKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietFedorov, Evgeniy Ivanovich, Merchant Navy39Second Engineering OfficerKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietGamayunova, Nina Dmitrievna, Merchant Navy22WiperKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietGostev, Aleksander Nikolaevich, Merchant Navy19Fireman 1st classKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietGrachev, Grigoriy Vasilievich, Merchant Navy30CarpenterKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietKazakov, Ivan Petrovich, Soviet Navy36Red Navy ManKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietKolentsev, Roman Aleksandrovich, Merchant Navy32Chief OfficerKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietKozlov, Pavel Pavlovich, Merchant Navy33Boatswain (Bosun)Krasnyj Partizan +
SovietKukin, Konstantin Timofeevich, Merchant Navy27Able SeamanKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietLebedev, Aleksander Ivanovich, Merchant Navy40Chief Engineer OfficerKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietLekontsev, Aleksander Dmitrievich, Merchant Navy31Able SeamanKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietMartynov, Nikolai Pavlovich, Soviet Navy26Petty OfficerKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietMelnik, Vasiliy Nikolaevich, Merchant Navy30Ordinary SeamanKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietMerinov, Pavel Vasilievich, Merchant Navy29Fireman 1st classKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietMiroshnikov, Vladimir Gordeevich, Merchant Navy24Mess AttendantKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietMoiseenko, Vyacheslav Prokopievich, Merchant Navy19Fireman 1st classKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietNakhariza, Nikolai Gerasimovich, Merchant Navy37Fireman 1st classKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietNoskov, Ivan Fedorovich, Merchant Navy25Fireman 1st classKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietPantyukhina, Feodosiya Ivanovna, Merchant Navy26Third OfficerKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietPesyakov, Pyotr Ivanovich, Merchant NavyDeputy Chief OfficerKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietPetrenko, Semyon Ignatievich, Merchant Navy25Electrical MechanicKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietPisarev, Fyodor Nikolaevich, Soviet Navy23Red Navy ManKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietPonomarev, Mikhail Ivanovich, Merchant Navy26Machinist 2nd classKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietPunegov, Ivan Leontievich, Soviet Navy21Red Navy ManKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietRotar, Konstantin Pavlovich, Merchant Navy18Fireman 2nd classKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietRyazanova, Valentina Petrovna, Merchant Navy29Mess StewardKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietSayapin, Vladimir Mikhailovich, Merchant Navy29Fireman 1st classKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietSentyakov, Vladimir Aleksandrovich, Merchant Navy19Fireman 2nd classKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietSenyshev, Mikhail Petrovich, Soviet Navy29Master’s Mate on Millitary IssuesKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietSerdyuk, Pyotr Akimovich, Merchant Navy56CookKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietShemyakin, Ivan Ivanovich, Merchant Navy34Able SeamanKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietShevchenko, Vasiliy Andreevich, Merchant Navy19Ordinary SeamanKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietTerikhov, Ivan Trofimovich, Merchant Navy32Turner MechanicKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietTokarev, Filipp Ignatievich, Soviet Navy22Red Navy Man (AA Gunner)Krasnyj Partizan +
SovietTokmasheva, Nina Nikolaevna, Merchant Navy27DoctorKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietVereschyagin, Vladimir Egorovich, Soviet Navy28Red Navy ManKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietVinchenko, Pyotr Gavrilovich, Merchant Navy33Able SeamanKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietYakunin, Ivan Vasilievich, Merchant Navy23BakerKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietZalyaliev, Salikh Kmel’evich, Merchant Navy28Able SeamanKrasnyj Partizan +
SovietZelbovich, Yakov Izinberovich, Merchant Navy29Fireman 1st classKrasnyj Partizan +

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