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HMCS Esquimalt (J 272)

Canadian Fleet minesweeper

HMCS Esquimalt (J 272)

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Canadian Fleet minesweeper HMCS Esquimalt (J 272).

Aboard HMCS Esquimalt (J 272) when hit on 16 Apr 1945

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NameAgeRankServed on
CanadianBellazzi, Joseph Oliver Fernand, RCNR30SkipperHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianBerge, Olaf Elmer, RCNVR20Stoker 1st ClassHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianBland, John Basil, RCNVR21StokerHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianCarlsen, Harvey Morris, RCNVR19Stoker 1st ClassHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianClancy, Gregory Joseph, RCNVR20TelegraphistHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianConn, James Ralph, RCNVR30Leading StewardHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianDevins, James Edward, RCNR28StokerHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianDownie, Byron Ross, RCNVR23Leading TelegraphistHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianDucharme, Joseph Roger Daniel, RCNVR19Able SeamanHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianDunlop, Ronald Ewing, RCNVR37Motor MechanicHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianEadie, Clifford John, RCNVR25Able SeamanHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianEdwards, Charles, RCNVR18Able SeamanHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianFanning, Huntley Allison, RCNVR23Electrical ArtificerHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianFitzpatrick, William, RCNVR24Able SeamanHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianGallagher, Anthony, RCNVR20StokerHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianGranahan, Edward John, RCNVR25Leading SignalmanHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianHedstrom, Arnold Douglas, RCNVR22Leading Sick Berth AttendantHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianHenderson, William James, RCN23TelegraphistHMCS Esquimalt (J 272)
CanadianHughes, David Anderson, RCNVR24Leading Stores AssistantHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianJacques, Carlton John, RCNVR25Engine Room ArtificerHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianJohnston, Howard Elmer, RCNVR34Motor MechanicHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianKnight, Herbert Russel, RCNVR24Leading SeamanHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianKnowles, John Chesworth, RCN21Petty OfficerHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianKynman, Albert, RCNR36Chief Petty OfficerHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianLe Drew, Frederick, RCNVR26Leading StokerHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianLeroux, Leo Joseph, RCNVR19Able SeamanHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianMacMillan, Robert Cunningham, RCNVRLieutenantHMCS Esquimalt (J 272)
CanadianMcConnell, Lawrence Michael, RCNVR24Leading SeamanHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianMcIntyre, Thomas James, RCNVR32Leading CookHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianMonachan, John Martin, RCNVR20Able SeamanHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianParker, Jack Reginald, RCNVR36LieutenantHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianPartington, Richard, RCNVR25Leading SeamanHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianPeddie, Roy Norman, RCNVR19StewardHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianPool, Ralph Bradford, RCNVR36ShipwrightHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianPorter, John Clifford, RCNVR21Chief Motor MechanicHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianRoberts, James Elder, RCNR36Warrant EngineerHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianSchwenger, Arthur C., RCNAble SeamanHMCS Esquimalt (J 272)
CanadianShave, Chesley Norman, RCNR44Chief Engine Room ArtificerHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianSmart, John Morris Gregory, RCNVR21LieutenantHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianSmith, Kenneth Harry, RCNVR19Able SeamanHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianStafford, John Hamish, RCNVR24Leading CoderHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianStanley, James Clifford, RCNVR19Able SeamanHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianTrudel, Joseph Mailly Rodrigue, RCNVR22StokerHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianWare, William John, RCNVR23TelegraphistHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianWhite, Donald Winchester, RCNVR32Able SeamanHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianWhitehead, Bruce Mansell, RCNVR27Sub-LieutenantHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +
CanadianZbarsky, Ralph, RCNVR21Able SeamanHMCS Esquimalt (J 272) +

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