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HMCS Regina (K 234)

Canadian corvette

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Canadian corvette HMCS Regina (K 234).

Aboard HMCS Regina (K 234) when hit on 8 Aug 1944

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NameAgeRankServed on
CanadianArkell, Joseph William, RCNVR24Able SeamanHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianAsselton, John Derrick, RCNVR25Leading TelegraphistHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianBaird, Thomas, RCNEngine Room ArtificerHMCS Regina (K 234)
CanadianBeaton, Neil Kenneth, RCNVR25Able SeamanHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianBlain, Ronald George, RCNVR23Able SeamanHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianBurrows, Ernest Edward, RCNVR23StokerHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianCook, Eric Joseph, RCNStokerHMCS Regina (K 234)
CanadianCramp, William John, RCNRPetty Officer StokerHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianCunningham, Malcolm McMillan, RCN23Leading CoderHMCS Regina (K 234)
CanadianDawson, Alfred Edward, RCNVR32Stoker 1st ClassHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianDenoncourt, Charles Omer, RCNVR21Leading StokerHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianDillabaugh, Kenneth William, RCN22Stoker 1st ClassHMCS Regina (K 234)
CanadianEast, Richard Godfrey, RCNVR20Able SeamanHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianFerron, Kenneth Marshall, RCNVR21StokerHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianHarrison, Robert Mckay, RCNVR22Able SeamanHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianHelis, Joseph Frank, RCNVR24Engine Room ArtificerHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianLoney, Donald Charles, RCNVR19StokerHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianLovell, Alec Stewart Macvicar, RCNVR17StokerHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianLusty, Frank Oswald, RCNVR20Able SeamanHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianMalone, Thomas De La Hunt, RCNVR22Able SeamanHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianMcCarron, Francis Joseph, RCNVR20Able SeamanHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianMcIntosh, Donald, RCNVR21Engine Room Artificer 4th ClassHMCS Regina (K 234)
CanadianMoore, Harold Baxter, RCN22Leading SeamanHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianPound, Francis John, RCNVR19Able SeamanHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianRadford, Jack Whiles, RCNRLieutenantHMCS Regina (K 234)
CanadianRathbone, John Charles Henry, RCNVR27Supply AssistantHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianRobertson, Douglas Peter, RCNVR26Petty Officer StokerHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianRodseth, John Normann, RCNVR34Able SeamanHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianRutter, James Andrew, RCNVR22CoderHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianSaulnier, Joseph Melbourne, RCNVR24Able SeamanHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianSimpson, Frederick William, RCNVR18Able SeamanHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianSmith, Adam John, RCNVR19Able SeamanHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianSutherland, Robert, RCNVR22TelegraphistHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianSwalm, Charles Harrison, RCNVR23LieutenantHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianTaylor, Albert Douglas, RCNVR20TelegraphistHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianThompson, John, RCNVR24CookHMCS Regina (K 234) +
CanadianWilkins, Robert Burnside, RCNAble SeamanHMCS Regina (K 234)

37 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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