Ships hit by U-boats

Crew lists from ships hit by U-boats

HMS Gould (K 476)

British frigate

Photo courtesy of Paul Shaw

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British frigate HMS Gould (K 476).

Aboard HMS Gould (K 476) when hit on 1 Mar 1944

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NameAgeRankServed on
BritishAllcoat, Bernard Francis, RN18Ordinary TelegraphistHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishAllmond, Alfred Henry, RN28Engine Room Artificer 4th ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishArmstrong, William Reginald, RN19Ordinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishAshton, Arnold, RN22Stoker 1st ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishAspery, William Stewart, RN18Air Mechanic 2nd ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishBagwell, Wreford Thomas, RN28Able SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishBarlow, Stanley Frederick, RN24Leading Radio MechanicHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishBates, Harold Raymond Arthur, RN19Ordinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishBaynton, John Jack, RN29Stoker 1st ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishBentley, James Frederick, RNSick Berth AttendantHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishBergius, William Cecil, RNVRLieutenantHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishBevins, Leslie William, RN21Motor MechanicHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishBilling, Leonard Russell, RNChief StokerHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishBishop, John William, RN18StewardHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishBlackler, Edward Thomas, RN30Leading Cook (O)HMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishBoden, Thomas, RN19Ordinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishBogden, Joseph Stanley, RN18Ordinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishBreeze, Stanley, RNSick Berth AttendantHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishBrown, William, RN18Able SeamanHMS Gould (K 476)
BritishBuck, Kenneth Victor James, RNOrdinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishBuckley, Joseph Edward, RNOrdinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishBurnicle, James Henry, RN30Able SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishBurt, Sydney, RN20Ordinary SignalmanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishCarr, Frank, RNPetty OfficerHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishCarr, John Spiers, RN20Able SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishCarter, Ivor Meirion, RNVR36Sub-LieutenantHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishClark, John, RNR44SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishClarke, Derek John, RN19Stoker 2nd ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishCooper, Gordon Stanley, RN21Able SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishCowburn, Leslie, RN19Stoker 2nd ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishCreevy, Albert Edward, RNLeading SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishCrump, Stanley Harold, RN24Leading StokerHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishDavies, Evan, RN26Stoker 1st ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishDavis, Cyril John, RN19Ordinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishDepledge, William Marshall, RN18Ordinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishDick, Alfred, RN26Leading StokerHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishDonkersley, Stanley, RN42CoderHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishDonoghue, Gerald Anthony Joseph, RN18Ordinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishDumbleton, Herbert, RN29Stoker 1st ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishDurham, Reginald Joseph, RNOrdinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishDwyer, Illtyd Daniel, RN20Ordinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishDyer, Robert Gordon, RNChief Engine Room ArtificerHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishEddy, Richard Desmond, RNOrdinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishEvans, Pryce, RN29Able SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishFarmer, Arthur Stanley, RN19SignalmanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishFothergill, Alfred Richardson, RNEngine Room Artificer 4th ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishFutcher, Eric, RN20Motor MechanicHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishGallagher, Edward, RN35Stoker 1st ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishGarlick, Lawrence, RN19Ordinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishGiblin, Peter Gerard, RN25Leading StokerHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishGibson, Roy Thomas, RNOrdinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishGiles, Frederick Charles, RN19Motor MechanicHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishHagan, Frederick, RN19Crew memberHMS Gould (K 476)
BritishHaggerty, Joseph Samuel, RNVR36Leading TelegraphistHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishHainsworth, Derek Milner, RN18MidshipmanHMS Gould (K 476)
BritishHarrison, Fred, RNOrdinary TelegraphistHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishHealey, John Thomas, RN29Stoker 1st ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishHiggins, Arthur, RNAble SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishHiggitt, Stanley, RN23Ordnance Artificer 4th ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishHodges, William Samuel, RNStoker 2nd ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishHolyday, Denis John, RN20Leading Sick Berth AttendantHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishHorn, Samuel Peter Basil, RNOrdinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishHoward, Desmond, RNOrdinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishHuggett, Ronald Verdun, RN27Sick Berth AttendantHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishJames, Cyril George, RNStoker 2nd ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishJames, William Henry, RN26Stoker 1st ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishJones, Norman Alan, RN18Ordinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishJordinson, Ralph Gargett, RN29Able SeamanHMS Gould (K 476)
BritishKnight, Horace Alexander Ronald, RNSignalmanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishLe Tissier, George Edward, RN26Able SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishLee, Ernest, RN31Stoker 1st ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishLee, Jack Charles, RN20Able SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishLloyd, Eric, RNSupply AssistantHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishMannion, Stephen, RN19Stoker 2nd ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishMarsland, Stanley, RN18Ordinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishMcCormick, Francis, RNOrdinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishMcCutcheon, William Hughes, RN18Ordinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishMcLaughlan, John, RN23Able SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishMcLellan, Donald, RN19Ordinary TelegraphistHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishMcNamara, Austin, RNAble SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishMeechan, Henry Lafferty, RN35Stoker 1st ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishMollart, Ernest, RN19Ordinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishMoore, Dennis Arthur, RN21Engine Room Artificer 4th ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishMurphy, Bryan, RN21TelegraphistHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishMurray, Peter, RNVR24Able SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishNuttall, Alfred, RN33Able SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishOwen, John, RN18Ordinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishParkes, Frank, RN24Able SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishPaterson, James, RN29Stoker 1st ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishPeacock, Bingham Everett, RNVRLieutenantHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishPeters, William, RN26Able SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishPhillips, Walter Morgan, RN18Ordinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishRendell, Samuel Francis, RN47Petty OfficerHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishReynolds, John Edward, RN27Leading StokerHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishRobinson, Frederick Leslie, RN24Leading SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishRochell, Charles Bernard, RN18Ordinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishRutherford, Angus, RNAssistant StewardHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishScales, Horace Richard John, RN19Stoker 2nd ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishShaw, Cyril, RN34Ordinary CoderHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishSmith, James, RN18Ordinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishSmith, John Jacob, RN31Stoker 1st ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishSpence, George Thomas, RNAble SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishStewart, David Knight, RN21Able SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishStickland, John Robert Antony, RNVR22LieutenantHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishStott, Leonard, RN30Ordinary TelegraphistHMS Gould (K 476) +
CanadianStovell, Samuel Francis David, RN22Engine Room Artificer 4th ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishTaylor, John, RNAble SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishTaylor, Kenneth, RN27Able SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishThomas, Herbert Paxton, RNVR28TelegraphistHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishThomas, Thomas Morgan, RN20TelegraphistHMS Gould (K 476)
BritishTopham, Robert Irvine, RN23Electrical Mechanic 2nd ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishTranter, Leonard Aubrey, RN22Ordinary TelegraphistHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishTreen, Sidney Albert, RN24Leading StokerHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishTrotter, Robert William, RN31Stoker 1st ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishTruscott, George Joseph, RN24Leading SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishUngoed, Daniel William, RN28LieutenantHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishWade, James Edward, RN32Stoker 1st ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishWallace, Robert Graham, RNVR20Sub-LieutenantHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishWatson, John Atkins, RN18Ordinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishWeir, James, RN23Able SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishWhitehead, Harry, RN21Ordinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishWhittington, Frank Thomas, RN23Stoker 1st ClassHMS Gould (K 476)
BritishWilliams, Hugh Ivor, RN26Petty Officer SupplyHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishWilliams, Ronald, RNStoker 1st ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishWillis, Victor Charles, RN18Ordinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishWinder, James, RN25Stoker 1st ClassHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishWood, George Charles, RN33Ordinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishWood, Harold William, RN20Ordinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +
CanadianWright, Gordon William, RCNVR23Electrical Sub-LieutenantHMS Gould (K 476) +
BritishYoung, Robert Moreland, RN19Ordinary SeamanHMS Gould (K 476) +

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