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Dutch steam merchant

Mariso under her former name Bitterfeld. Photo courtesy of State Library of New South Wales

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Dutch steam merchant Mariso.

Aboard Mariso when hit on 20 Mar 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
IndianAbbas, Abdool R.S., Merchant Navy23TrimmerMariso
IndianAbrooulla, , Merchant NavyFiremanMariso
IndianAftabuddin, Mohamed, Merchant Navy24FiremanMariso
IndianAhmad, Anwar, Merchant Navy37GreaserMariso
IndianAhmad, Nazir, Merchant Navy37FiremanMariso
IndianAli, Anchar, Merchant Navy50CassabMariso
IndianAli, Meher, Merchant Navy41FiremanMariso
IndianAli, Moron, Merchant Navy22FiremanMariso
IndianAli, Omer, Merchant Navy43FiremanMariso
IndianAli, Sharafat, Merchant Navy29FiremanMariso
IndianAli, Soab, Merchant Navy33FiremanMariso
IndianAllee, Hasmat, Merchant Navy52First TindalMariso
IndianAzam, Ali, Merchant Navy24TrimmerMariso
IndianAziz, Abdul, Merchant Navy37LascarMariso
IndianBagoo, Goolab, Merchant Navy40FiremanMariso
DutchBalen, Jacobus Adrianus van, Merchant Navy26Fourth Engineer OfficerMariso
IndianBalkot, Darwook, Merchant Navy27FiremanMariso
IndianBasaruthoolla, , Merchant Navy44FiremanMariso
IndianBashar, Abul, Merchant Navy24LascarMariso
IndianBhufiulla, , Merchant NavyTrimmerMariso
IndianBoccher, Karim, Merchant Navy40TrimmerMariso
DutchBoom, Johannes Antonius, Merchant Navy40Second Engineer OfficerMariso
BritishBrocklehurst, Albert Arthur, 22DEMS gunnerMariso
DutchBuissing, Willem, Merchant Navy35Chief StewardMariso
IndianBux, Jaha, Merchant Navy23LascarMariso
BritishCoombe, Alfred Stanley, 20DEMS gunnerMariso
DutchEijk, Anton Daniel Cornelis van, Merchant Navy40Chief OfficerMariso
DutchEndoe, , Merchant Navy42LaundrymanMariso
IndianGany, Abdul, Merchant Navy36Third TindalMariso
IndianGoolab, Barkatalle, Merchant Navy45Second TindalMariso
IndianGoolamjaan, Phanyan, Merchant Navy22FiremanMariso
IndianHanif, Mohamed, Merchant Navy22BhandaryMariso
IndianHannan, Abdul, Merchant NavyBhandaryMariso
IndianHaq, Mozil, Merchant Navy39LascarMariso
IndianHawk, Sherazool, Merchant Navy41CassabMariso
IndianHosainee, , Merchant Navy20TopassMariso
IndianHossein, Mohamed Seakandar, Merchant Navy20LascarMariso
IndianHuq, Jabal, Merchant Navy26LascarMariso
IndianHuq, Noorul, Merchant Navy44LascarMariso
IndianHuq, Sirajul, Merchant Navy24LascarMariso
IndianIshaque, , Merchant Navy50CassabMariso
IndianJhopar, Hassan Meah, Merchant Navy24FiremanMariso
IndianKadar, Hassan Abdool, Merchant Navy30Second TindalMariso
DutchKampen, Herre, Merchant Navy23Fourth Engineer OfficerMariso
DutchKasan, , Merchant Navy22StewardMariso
IndianKhalique, Abdul, Merchant Navy27LascarMariso
IndianKhan, Azmat, Merchant Navy34DonkeymanMariso
DutchKoekman, Cornelis Arnoldus, Merchant Navy22Third OfficerMariso
ChineseLam Hing, , Merchant Navy73CarpenterMariso
DutchLim, Piet Karel Lodewijk, Merchant Navy24ApprenticeMariso
DutchMail, , Merchant Navy46StewardMariso
IndianMajibullah, , Merchant NavyGreaserMariso
DutchManap, , Merchant Navy29StewardMariso
DutchMariamin, , Merchant Navy32StewardMariso
IndianMeah, Ali, Merchant Navy55SerangMariso
IndianMeah, Bacha, Merchant Navy30SeacunnyMariso
IndianMeah, Chand, Merchant Navy44FiremanMariso
IndianMeah, Edris, Merchant Navy39DonkeymanMariso
IndianMian, Kala, Merchant Navy40FiremanMariso
IndianMian, Mursnid, Merchant Navy25LascarMariso
IndianMian, Nadoo, Merchant Navy31TrimmerMariso
IndianMian, Rumjoo, Merchant Navy43First TindalMariso
IndianMian, Wali, Merchant Navy55SeacunnyMariso
IndianMohamed, Abbas Sheik, Merchant Navy26FiremanMariso
IndianMohamed, Abdul Kadir, Merchant NavyDonkeymanMariso
DutchMohamed Amin, , Merchant Navy29StewardMariso
ChineseMok Kan Ming, , Merchant Navy38ElectricianMariso
IndianMosafferulla, , Merchant Navy37SerangMariso
IndianMund, , Merchant Navy23FiremanMariso
BritishMurray, James, 19DEMS gunner Mariso
BritishMusson, Clifford George, 19DEMS gunner Mariso
IndianNaimullah, , Merchant Navy35DonkeymanMariso
BritishNapjus, J., DEMS gunnerMariso
DutchNebbeling, Dirk Abraham, Merchant Navy25Fifth Engineer OfficerMariso
DutchNielsen, Peter Friedrich, Merchant Navy27Third Engineer OfficerMariso
DutchNieuwenhuis, Reindert Berend Jan, Merchant Navy28Radio OfficerVolendam, Mariso
IndianOzieulla, , Merchant Navy37SeacunnyMariso
IndianPalakkhan, Arsala, Merchant Navy22FiremanMariso
DutchPassenier, Gerrit, Merchant Navy27Second OfficerMariso
BritishPaynter, Leslie Harry, 21DEMS gunner Mariso
DutchPloeger, Nicolaas, Merchant Navy28Chief CookMariso
BritishPowel, Thomas John, 30DEMS gunnerMariso
DutchRahaman, , Merchant Navy26StewardMariso
IndianRahman, Azizur, Merchant Navy34FiremanMariso
IndianRahman, Fazal, Merchant Navy38FiremanMariso
IndianRahman, Mujibar, Merchant Navy34Second TindalMariso
IndianRazoo, , Merchant Navy43TopassMariso
DutchSarmadie, , Merchant Navy48StewardMariso +
IndianSoban, Abdul, Merchant Navy39LascarMariso
IndianSulleyman, , Merchant Navy40SeacunnyMariso
IndianSumsodeen, , Merchant Navy41FiremanMariso
ChineseSung Shun, , Merchant Navy30FitterMariso
DutchTajip, , Merchant Navy23StewardMariso
DutchTjepiet, , Merchant Navy43BakerMariso
IndianTorrickulla, , Merchant Navy35FiremanMariso
IndianUddin, Hakim, Merchant Navy29GreaserMariso
IndianUllah, Irahad, Merchant Navy33LascarMariso
IndianUllah, Konore, Merchant Navy22TrimmerMariso
IndianUllah, Salamat, Merchant Navy35TrimmerMariso
IndianUllah, Salamat, Merchant Navy33FiremanMariso
DutchVeen, Louis, Merchant Navy22Fourth OfficerMariso
DutchVisser, Bernard, Merchant Navy47MasterMariso
BritishWakeford, Robert, 22DEMS gunnerMariso
BritishWilkes, J.W.P, DEMS gunnerMariso
BritishWilson, George, RN21Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Mariso +
BritishWilson, George, 20DEMS gunnerMariso
DutchWitting, Jan, Merchant Navy25Fifth Engineer OfficerMariso
IndianZahur, Saleh, Merchant Navy22LascarMariso
DutchZits, Joannes Bernardus, Merchant Navy48Chief Engineer OfficerMariso

109 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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