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Mathew Luckenbach

American steam merchant

Photo courtesy of SSHSA Collection, University of Baltimore Library

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American steam merchant Mathew Luckenbach.

Aboard Mathew Luckenbach when hit on 19 Mar 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
Adams, Charles, Merchant Marine19Ordinary SeamanMathew Luckenbach
Berns, Frederick T., Merchant Marine40First Assistant EngineerMathew Luckenbach
Bierten, Karl Louis, Merchant Marine34Boatswain (Bosun)Mathew Luckenbach
Bitterle, Alfred D., Merchant Marine22OilerMathew Luckenbach
Borden, Atwood Newel, Merchant Marine58MasterMathew Luckenbach
Boyd, James Anderson, Merchant Marine21OilerMathew Luckenbach
Charlesworth, Byron Edwin, Merchant Marine47Second MateMathew Luckenbach
Chartoire, Leon Louis, Merchant Marine35Chief CookMathew Luckenbach
Civitillo, Pasquale Anthony, Merchant Marine24Able SeamanMathew Luckenbach
Colton, Charles Robert, Merchant Marine43Third CookMathew Luckenbach
Corcoran, John Michael, Merchant Marine20OilerMathew Luckenbach
Davis, Milfred Marion, Merchant Marine21Able SeamanMathew Luckenbach
De Martinis, Pasquale, Merchant Marine22Fireman/WatertenderMathew Luckenbach
Farrington, James R., Merchant Marine20Ordinary SeamanMathew Luckenbach
Fedosik, Walter, Merchant Marine20OilerMathew Luckenbach
Frazier, Homer Charles, Merchant Marine24Fireman/WatertenderMathew Luckenbach
Galla, Joseph Andrew, Merchant Marine22OilerMathew Luckenbach
Gruenberger, Max A., Merchant Marine58Second Assistant EngineerMathew Luckenbach
Hammond, James Herbert, USN28EnsignMathew Luckenbach
Hawthorne, Ross Evelyn, Merchant Marine30Ordinary SeamanMathew Luckenbach
Heyme, Willy, Merchant Marine51Chief MateMathew Luckenbach
Jackson, John Orris, USNR24Signalman Third ClassMathew Luckenbach
Jankevics, Edvard, Merchant Marine34Deck EngineerMathew Luckenbach
Johansen, Lars Peter Willy Bernhard, Merchant Marine48CarpenterMathew Luckenbach
Kappel, Jack Maurice, Merchant Marine18Able SeamanMathew Luckenbach
Koerber, Albert Bernhardt, Merchant Marine23Ordinary SeamanMathew Luckenbach
Kuzyk, Harry, Merchant Marine21Radio OperatorMathew Luckenbach
La Tour, William Alphonse, Merchant Marine18MessmanMathew Luckenbach
Laury, Arnold, Merchant Marine50QuartermasterMathew Luckenbach
Long, Edward Joseph, Merchant Marine22Able SeamanMathew Luckenbach
Lopez, Magno, Merchant Marine42Chief StewardMathew Luckenbach
Lutz, Charles Anthony, Merchant Marine18Ordinary SeamanMathew Luckenbach
Markley, William E., Merchant Marine22Able SeamanMathew Luckenbach
McFarlane, Keith Virgil, Merchant Marine55Chief EngineerMathew Luckenbach
Mesarchik, Leo C., Merchant Marine27MessmanMathew Luckenbach
Overbeke, Frank George, Merchant Marine24Able SeamanMathew Luckenbach
Owney, Archie Manalcus, Merchant Marine30Able SeamanMathew Luckenbach
Parr, John Thomas, Merchant Marine20OilerMathew Luckenbach
Perry, James, Merchant Marine30Third MateMathew Luckenbach
Remy, George, Merchant Marine21Third Assistant EngineerMathew Luckenbach
Roush, Harold L., Merchant Marine19MessmanMathew Luckenbach
Sobczyk, Chester Joseph, Merchant Marine20Second CookMathew Luckenbach
Valois, Albert Napoleon, Merchant Marine22Ordinary SeamanMathew Luckenbach
Webb, Lucian Charles, Merchant Marine44OilerMathew Luckenbach

44 persons found - for all attacks on this ship (2).

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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