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Dutch motor merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Dutch motor merchant Madoera.

Aboard Madoera when hit on 24 Feb 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
Abdul Qadir, , Merchant Navy42FiremanMadoera +
Ah Lee, , Merchant Navy39CarpenterMadoera
Amak, , Merchant Navy22StewardMadoera
Andringa, Dirk, Merchant Navy21BakerMadoera
Beverley, J.S., DEMS gunnerMadoera
Bhana Lalla, , Merchant Navy23SeamanMadoera +
Boardman, Harold, RN22Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Madoera +
Chhagan Bhana, , Merchant Navy26TindalMadoera +
Cloesmeyer, Albert P., Merchant Navy22FitterMadoera
Danielse, Pieter Hendrik, Merchant Navy33First Radio OfficerMadoera
Djoekamarie, , Merchant Navy30ServantMadoera +
Djojoh, , Merchant Navy38ServantMadoera
Drift, Jacobus Lambertus van der, Merchant Navy34CookTajandoen, Madoera
Faqir, , Merchant Navy62FiremanMadoera +
Faqir, , Merchant Navy25SeamanMadoera +
Gopal Soma, , Merchant Navy49SeamanMadoera +
Govind, , Merchant Navy26SeamanMadoera +
Haan, Jan de, Merchant Navy34Third Engineer OfficerMadoera
Hanjis Dayal, , Merchant Navy61SeacunnyMadoera +
Hannaford, Alfred George, RN19Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Madoera +
Hasan, , Merchant Navy38CassabMadoera +
Ibrahim Baba, , Merchant Navy46TindalMadoera +
Jasmant Shankar, , Merchant Navy48SerangMadoera +
Kanji Mangal, , Merchant Navy54SeacunnyMadoera +
Karim, Abdullah, Merchant Navy20FiremanMadoera
Keeble, D.F., DEMS gunnerMadoera
Kok, Adrianus Johannes, Merchant Navy28Second OfficerMadoera
Krebs, Frederik Willem, Merchant Navy37GreaserMadoera +
Lalla, , Merchant Navy22SeamanMadoera +
Lalla, , Merchant Navy36Second TindalMadoera +
Lassche, Johan Jans, Merchant Navy44MasterMadoera
Lucas, C.M., Merchant NavyThird Radio OfficerMadoera +
Magan, , Merchant Navy22SeamanMadoera +
Mamahit, Willem Joost, Merchant Navy22Fifth Engineer OfficerMadoera
Mos, Diderikus Johannes Eppo, Merchant Navy49Chief Engineer OfficerMadoera
Muhammad Ishaq, , Merchant Navy25DonkeymanMadoera +
Muhammad Shafi, , Merchant Navy24FiremanMadoera +
Nana Shankar, , Merchant Navy54SeacunnyMadoera +
Nanna, Linna, Merchant NavyCookMadoera
Petersen, Joseph I., Merchant Navy25Fourth OfficerMadoera
Ploeger, Lambertus, Merchant Navy21Third OfficerMadoera
Poetiray, Hendrik Benjamin, Merchant Navy20FitterMadoera
Prabhu Jeena, , Merchant Navy37SeamanMadoera +
Ramji Sika, , Merchant Navy49SeamanMadoera +
Ranchhod Faqir, , Merchant Navy66SeamanMadoera +
Rees, Eilir, RN19Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Madoera +
Sakamanta, , Merchant Navy25Cook's MateMadoera
Shams-Ud-Din, , Merchant Navy39SerangMadoera +
Sheikh Ismail, , Merchant NavyTindalMadoera +
Sheikh Muhammad, , Merchant Navy43FiremanMadoera +
Sheikh Umar, , Merchant Navy23FiremanMadoera +
Sika, , Merchant Navy30SeacunnyMadoera +
Soma Govind, , Merchant Navy40SeamanMadoera +
Sookha, Dewa, Merchant Navy34Able SeamanMadoera
Spits Warnars, Fran├žois, Merchant Navy35Fifth Engineer OfficerMadoera +
Stam, Gerard, Merchant Navy23Fourth Engineer OfficerMadoera
Sukha Faqir, , Merchant Navy32SeamanMadoera +
Sukha Ranji, , Merchant Navy32CassabMadoera +
Tunley, Raymond George, 32DEMS gunnerMadoera
Valla Kissa, , Merchant Navy28SeamanMadoera +
Veldt, Gijsbertus Hendrik Johannes van der, Merchant Navy36Second Engineer OfficerMadoera +
Vink, Volkert, Merchant Navy33Chief StewardMoena, Madoera
Visser, Cornelis Eduard, Merchant Navy40GreaserMadoera +
Vuurst, Gerrit van der, Merchant Navy42Chief OfficerMadoera
Walji Shankar, , Merchant Navy32SeamanMadoera +
Williams, Th.R., Merchant NavySecond Radio OfficerMadoera

66 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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