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British whale factory ship

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British whale factory ship Sourabaya.

Aboard Sourabaya when hit on 27 Oct 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
NorwegianAas, Oskar, Merchant Navy44Second Engineer OfficerSourabaya +
BritishAdwick, Percy Gerald, RM48Sergeant (DEMS gunner)Sourabaya +
BritishBarwise, Arthur William, Merchant Navy59StewardSourabaya +
BritishBlack, Ronald Thomas, Merchant Navy15Mess Room BoySourabaya +
BritishBlackett, William Henry, Merchant Navy33WaiterSourabaya +
CanadianBoddington, Cyril Harold, Merchant Navy31CookSourabaya +
BritishBooth, Griffin David, Merchant Navy35WaiterSourabaya +
BritishBrodsky, Paul Reinhard, Merchant Navy27StewardSourabaya +
BritishBroomfield, Walter, Merchant Navy45StewardSourabaya +
BritishBrowell, Kenneth, Merchant Navy37Able SeamanSourabaya +
BritishBurt, Alfred Henry, Merchant Navy23PorterSourabaya +
BritishByrne, Laurence, Merchant Navy18TrimmerSourabaya +
BritishCameron, Allan, Merchant Navy52Second Engineer OfficerSourabaya +
BritishCameron, George Alexander, Merchant NavyDonkeymanSourabaya +
BritishCanning, Wilfred John, Merchant Navy20StewardSourabaya +
BritishChandler, William Robert G.H., Merchant Navy41StewardSourabaya +
BritishCockerline, Frederick, Merchant Navy53BarkeeperSourabaya +
BritishColville, Edward Noble, Merchant Navy28Supernumerary Chief OfficerSourabaya +
NorwegianDalen, Oskar Arnold, Merchant NavyWhalerSourabaya +
BritishDavies, John Maurice, Merchant Navy25StewardSourabaya +
BritishDawson, John Michael, Merchant Navy22PorterSourabaya +
BritishDawson, William Thompson, Merchant NavyMasterSourabaya
BritishDocherty, James, Merchant Navy37StewardSourabaya +
BritishEdward, Douglas Haig, Merchant Navy25StewardSourabaya +
BritishEdwards, J., Merchant NavyFruitmanSourabaya
NorwegianEllefsen, Edvard, Merchant Navy69Able SeamanSourabaya +
BritishGibson, Thomas, Merchant Navy21Assistant StewardSourabaya +
BritishGranville, Frederick, Merchant Navy44Able SeamanSourabaya +
BritishGray, Robert Hunter, Merchant Navy16Assistant CookSourabaya +
BritishGray, William, Merchant Navy25Third MateSourabaya +
BritishGreenhill, Arthur T., Merchant Navy29Second OfficerSourabaya +
BritishGreensitt, Joseph, Merchant Navy51Chief StewardAthelempress, Robert E. Lee, Sourabaya +
BritishHadstead, J., Merchant NavyAssistant StewardSourabaya
BritishHanham, Kenneth Gwyn, Merchant Navy20Ordinary SeamanSourabaya +
BritishHenderson, George, Merchant Navy41WriterSourabaya +
BritishHiggins, George Wilson, Merchant Navy21SailorSourabaya +
BritishHilton, Selwyn Ronald, Merchant Navy31Assistant StewardSourabaya +
BritishHobbs, Albert William, Merchant Navy39Assistant CellarmanSourabaya +
BritishHodge, William Alfred, Merchant Navy18Mess Room BoySourabaya +
South AfricanHunt, Peter A., Merchant Navy23Fireman and TrimmerSourabaya +
BritishHutchison, Charles, Merchant Navy30Able SeamanSourabaya +
BritishHutchison, Peter, Merchant Navy20PumpmanSourabaya +
BritishJohn, Arthur Stanley, Merchant Navy39Fireman and TrimmerSourabaya +
BritishKhan Bahadur, , Merchant Navy46CookSourabaya +
BritishKing, James, Merchant Navy28FiremanSourabaya +
BritishLove, Alexander, RNAble Seaman (DEMS gunner)Sourabaya +
BritishMacDonald, Glencoe, Merchant NavySixth Engineer OfficerSourabaya
BritishMacKenzie, David Gordon, Merchant NavyFourth Engineer OfficerSourabaya
BritishMcCarthy, R., Merchant Navy32SailorSourabaya +
BritishMcLaren, George, Merchant Navy28CookSourabaya +
BritishMcManus, James, Merchant Navy33StewardSourabaya +
BritishMcMorrow, John, Merchant Navy42Assistant CookSourabaya +
BritishMontgomery, John, Merchant NavyTrimmerSourabaya +
BritishMorris, Joseph Leslie, Merchant Navy53Chief StewardSourabaya +
BritishMullins, Dennis Antony Clifden, Merchant Navy31StewardSourabaya +
BritishMurchie, R. A., Merchant NavyStewardSourabaya
BritishMurdock, William Christie, Merchant NavyFiremanSourabaya
BritishNeale, William Harold, Merchant Navy27StewardSourabaya +
BritishNicol, Stanley, Merchant Navy17Mess Room BoySourabaya +
BritishO'Reilly, Hugh, Merchant Navy29Assistant StewardSourabaya +
BritishPaul, Eric John Henry, Merchant Navy41CookSourabaya +
BritishPayn, George Henry, Merchant Navy65DonkeymanSourabaya +
BritishPayne, George Frederick, Merchant Navy39Chief CookSourabaya +
BritishPayne, Joseph Norman, Merchant Navy36Assistant StewardSourabaya +
NorwegianPettersen, Petter Hugo, Merchant Navy24DonkeymanLancing, Sourabaya +
BritishPeuckert, Albert Stanley, Merchant Navy21Assistant StewardSourabaya +
BritishPink, S., Merchant NavyStewardSourabaya
BritishPoleson, Arthur Bruce, Merchant Navy29CarpenterSourabaya +
BritishPortilli, J., Merchant Navy25SailorSourabaya +
BritishRawley, James Patrick, British ArmySergeant (DEMS gunner)Sourabaya
BritishRendall, Hector, Merchant Navy38Able SeamanSourabaya +
BritishRitch, Cecil William, Merchant Navy28Chief OfficerSourabaya +
BritishRitchie, John, Merchant NavyAble SeamanSourabaya
BritishSandilands, William, Merchant NavyFiremanSourabaya
BritishScott, George, Merchant Navy47StewardSourabaya +
BritishSlade, Arthur Henry, Merchant Navy42Assistant StewardSourabaya +
BritishSmith, Henry, Merchant Navy23FiremanSourabaya +
BritishSmith, Henry, British Army21GunnerSourabaya +
BritishSmith, William Andrew, Merchant Navy28Able SeamanSourabaya +
BritishSneddon, William, Merchant Navy38FiremanSourabaya +
NorwegianSolberg, Harald Georg, Merchant Navy35MateSourabaya
BritishSpero, C., Merchant NavyAssistant StewardSourabaya
BritishStanley, James, Merchant Navy26TrimmerSourabaya +
BritishTyson, Stephen James, Merchant NavyThird Engineer OfficerSourabaya
BritishUllivers, Thomas, Merchant Navy43BarkeeperSourabaya +
BritishVaughan, Arthur Thomas, British Army29GunnerSourabaya +
BritishWales, Thomas Black, Merchant Navy21Assistant StewardSourabaya +
BritishWard, James, Merchant Navy22SailorSourabaya +
BritishWarner, Bernard Anthony, Merchant Navy22Assistant StewardSourabaya +
BritishWhittick, Edward Charles, Merchant Navy18Fireman and TrimmerSourabaya +
BritishWorley, Donald Harry William, Merchant Navy26A/StewardSourabaya

91 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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