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Brazilian steam merchant

Cayrú under her former name Scanmail. Courtesy of Harold Vanderploeg

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Brazilian steam merchant Cayrú.

Aboard Cayrú when hit on 9 Mar 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
Alvaro da Cunha, Gumerendo, Merchant Navy49Crew memberCayrú
Andre Biche, Manco, Merchant Navy38Crew memberCayrú
Augus Santos, Sebastido, Merchant Navy42Crew memberCayrú
Avelino Freire, Eutflavio, Merchant Navy25Crew memberCayrú
Barros, Edward, Merchant Navy25Crew memberCayrú
Caldeira, Antenor, Merchant Navy25Crew memberCayrú
Caldino da Silva, Elipido, Merchant Navy46Crew memberCayrú
Candido Rocha, Lauro, Merchant Navy36Crew memberCayrú
Cauvocante Magalhaes, Augusto Cavvocante, Merchant Navy44Crew memberCayrú
Coelho Da Silva, Vivalde, Merchant Navy30Crew memberCayrú
Copps Rocha, Lourival, Merchant Navy36Crew memberCayrú
Da Silva Mattos, Mathias, Merchant Navy40Crew memberCayrú
De Souza, June Anne, Civilian15PassengerCayrú
De Souza, Willie, Civilian48PassengerCayrú
Diniz Montouro, Denie, Merchant Navy25SailorCayrú
Evangilista de Araujo, Joa, Merchant Navy55FiremanCayrú
Feles Filho, Antonio, Merchant Navy25Crew memberCayrú
Fernandes, Manoel F., Merchant Navy47Crew memberCayrú
Ferreira dos Santos, Waldomiro, Merchant Navy28SailorCayrú
Gregorio Bezerra, Antonio, Merchant Navy39Crew memberCayrú
Guilherme Riberio, João, Merchant Navy29Crew memberCayrú
Ignacio Barbiero, Domingos, Merchant Navy47Crew memberCayrú
Jaegers, Daisy Adelaide, Civilian41PassengerCayrú
Jaegers, Otto Alberto, Civilian47PassengerCayrú
Leal, Aurlino, Merchant Navy50Crew memberCayrú
Luiz da Costa, Narciso, Merchant Navy36Crew memberCayrú
Moreira Pequeno, João, Merchant NavyMasterCayrú +
Morepra Cavalcaute, Leinet, Merchant Navy54Crew memberCayrú
Nunato dos Neves, Raymund, Merchant Navy42Third Engineer OfficerCayrú
Siera Lisboa, Alvino, Merchant Navy38Crew memberCayrú
Souza Olivera, Miraldo, Merchant Navy20Second OfficerCayrú
Vicente Taifeiro, Antonie, Merchant Navy42Crew memberCayrú
Viera de Santos, Manoel, Merchant Navy36CookCayrú

33 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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