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Empire Seal

British motor merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British motor merchant Empire Seal.

Aboard Empire Seal when hit on 19 Feb 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
BritishBarr, Peter, Merchant Navy24First ElectricianEmpire Seal
BritishBrennan, John, Merchant Navy20WiperEmpire Seal
BritishBrissenden, George, 27DEMS gunnerEmpire Seal
BritishBritton, Andrew, Merchant Navy26Junior Second Engineer OfficerEmpire Seal
BritishBrooks, Andrew, Merchant Navy23Donkeyman and GreaserEmpire Seal
BritishBrown, James, Merchant Navy28Second OfficerEmpire Seal
BritishBull, John, Merchant Navy19Third Radio OfficerEmpire Seal
BritishBurrell, Albert, Merchant Navy39Chief Engineer OfficerEmpire Seal, Northmoor +
BritishClayton, William J., 31DEMS gunnerEmpire Seal
BritishCollins, Maurice, Merchant Navy24Junior Third Engineer OfficerEmpire Seal
BritishCowling, Albert F., 29DEMS gunnerEmpire Seal
BritishCraig, Robert, Merchant Navy32Third OfficerEmpire Seal
BritishDavis, Albert, 26DEMS gunnerEmpire Seal
BritishDearness, Mangus, Merchant Navy24SailorEmpire Seal
BritishDempster, Robert, Merchant Navy24Second ElectricianEmpire Seal
BritishDonovan, John, Merchant Navy20Assistant StewardEmpire Seal
BritishDonovan, Timothy, 28DEMS gunnerEmpire Seal
BritishGallacher, Francis J., Merchant Navy26Assistant StewardEmpire Seal
BritishGilmour, John, Merchant Navy31Senior Second Engineer OfficerEmpire Seal
BritishGray, Victor, Merchant Navy28Fourth Engineer OfficerEmpire Seal
BritishHaynes, Eric, Merchant Navy23First Radio OfficerEmpire Seal
BritishHill, John, 27DEMS gunnerEmpire Seal
BritishHope, Alexander, Merchant Navy17Ordinary SeamanEmpire Seal
BritishHoskins, Christopher, 23DEMS gunnerEmpire Seal
BritishHughes, William, Merchant Navy62Chief StewardEmpire Seal
BritishHutton, Thomas, Merchant Navy29Senior Third Engineer OfficerEmpire Seal
BritishJuleff, Harold E., Merchant Navy45Second CookEmpire Seal
BritishKyle, Arthur Charles, Merchant Navy52MasterEmpire Seal
BritishLiddle, Albert R., 25DEMS gunnerEmpire Seal
BritishLynch, John, Merchant Navy29Assistant StewardEmpire Seal
BritishMacdonald, Alexander, Merchant Navy21SailorEmpire Seal
BritishMacdonald, Donald, Merchant Navy24SailorEmpire Seal
BritishMacdonald, Ewen, Merchant Navy21SailorEmpire Seal
BritishMacinnes, Angus, Merchant Navy29Lamp TrimmerEmpire Seal
BritishMackay, Murdo, Merchant Navy20SailorEmpire Seal
BritishMacleod, John, Merchant Navy39Boatswain (Bosun)Empire Seal
BritishMaguire, Henry John, Merchant Navy33CarpenterEmpire Seal +
BritishMcCabe, Peter, Merchant Navy31Chief OfficerEmpire Seal
BritishMcDuff, James, Merchant Navy37Donkeyman and GreaserEmpire Seal
BritishMcEwan, Anthony, Merchant Navy17Deck BoyEmpire Seal
BritishMcGregor, Andrew, Merchant Navy38DonkeymanEmpire Seal
BritishMcIntyre, Donald, Merchant Navy30SailorEmpire Seal
BritishMcLaughlin, Neil, Merchant Navy21WiperEmpire Seal
BritishMcWilliam, James, Merchant Navy22Fifth Engineer OfficerEmpire Seal
BritishMoore, William, Merchant Navy29Fifth Engineer OfficerEmpire Seal
BritishRiddell, Thomas D., Merchant Navy26Third ElectricianEmpire Seal
BritishRitchards, Harry, 21DEMS gunnerEmpire Seal
BritishScott, Andrew, Merchant Navy39Assistant StewardEmpire Seal
BritishSpence, Charles M., Merchant Navy39Chief CookEmpire Seal
BritishSteen, William, Merchant Navy34Donkeyman and GreaserEmpire Seal
BritishThomas, William J., 29DEMS gunnerEmpire Seal
BritishTrain, Robert, Merchant Navy29Second Radio OfficerEmpire Seal
BritishVass, David Alexander, Merchant Navy37SailorEmpire Seal
BritishWalker, Allan, Merchant Navy21Ordinary SeamanEmpire Seal
BritishWallace, David, Merchant Navy18Assistant StewardEmpire Seal
BritishWalsh, Clifford, 34DEMS gunnerEmpire Seal

56 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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