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Decoration for Officers of the Royal Naval Reserve (RD)

The Decoration for Officers of the Royal Naval Reserve (RD), instituted in 1908, was a medal awarded in the Royal Naval Reserve of the United Kingdom to officers with at least fifteen years of active duty.

A clasp was added to the award for further 10 years of service from the date of the first award.

CommanderDate  Command
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Abbott, Charles Delphin, DSC, RD, RNR24 Sep 1947  
RNRAbernethy, George Youngs, RD, RNR  
RNRLt. Acon, Neville, RD, RNR24 Jan 1947  
RNRLt.Cdr. Aikman, Edmund Fleetwood, RD, RNR19 Feb 1945  HMS Ballinderry (K 255)
RNRLt. Anderson, Alan Hamilton Barnett, DSC, RD, RNR19 Apr 1948  
RNRLt.Cdr. Anderson, William St. George, DSC, RD, RNR24 Jun 1950  
RNRLt. Andrew, James, RD, RNRlate war?  
RNRLt.Cdr. Armstrong, Cyril William, RD, RNR24 Jan 1947  
RNRA/Cdr. Armstrong, Douglas Henry Fyfe, RD, RNRSep 1941  HMS Marsdale
RNRArmstrong, James Davison, RD, RNR  
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Astbury, Henry, DSC, RD, RNR13 Jul 1948  
RNRLt.Cdr. Atkinson, Robert, DSC, RD, RNR22 Mar 1949  
RNRLt. (PS) Attridge, Ernest John, RD, RNR8 May 1951  
RNRLt.Cdr. Ayles, Sydney, RD, RNR2 Nov 1946  
RNRA/Cdr. Ayre, Albert, DSO, RD, RNR21 Sep 1944  

RNRLt.Cdr. Bach, Leslie Charles, RD, RNR6 May 1930  
RNRCdr. Baker, David Marion Burton, RD, RNR1 Oct 1937  
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Baldwin-Wiseman, Ralph Eric, RD, RNR1 Jan 1943  HMS Thruster (F 131)
RNRLt.Cdr. (PS) Banks, John Foubister, RD, RNR12 Nov 1952  
RNRLt.Cdr. Baragwanath, John Albert, RD, RNRDec 1943  
RNRCh.Skr. Barber, William Henry, RD, RNR26 Jul 1939  
RNRCh.Skr. Barker, Fred Edward, RD, RNR30 Apr 1935  
RNRLt.Cdr. Barker, Wallace Hamilton, RD, RNRMay 1942  HMS Fritillary (K 199)
RNRA/Cdr. Barnet, Avon Alexander, RD, RNRMay 1942  
RNRLt.Cdr. Barrett, Horace William, DSC, RD, RNR4 Feb 1958  
RNRLt.Cdr. Bartley, John Frederick Castle, DSC, RD, RNR2 May 1941  HMS Nasturtium (K 107)
RCNRA/Cdr. Baugh, Gerald Ormsby, OBE, RD, RCNR2 Jan 1944  
RNRA/Skr.Lt. Baxter, John, RD, RNR13 Feb 1945  
RNRLt.Cdr. Bell, Charles Leigh de Hauteville, RD, RNRAug 1940  
RNRLt.Cdr. Billot, Godfrey Philip, RD, RNROct 1942  HMS Hartland (Y 00)
RNRLt.Cdr. Binfield, Edward John, DSC, RD, RNRApr 1945  
RNRA/Skr.Lt. Birch, Henry Douglas Treece, RD, RNR21 Oct 1950  
RNRLt.Cdr. Birch, John Dudley, RD, RNRDec 1941  HMS Rockrose (K 51)
RNRLt.Cdr. Bird, Roy Lee, RD, RNR8 Feb 1950  
RNRLt. Black, Ronald Maxwell, RD, RNR???  
RNRLt.Cdr. Blair, John Hamilton, DSC, RD, RNR24 Sep 1929  
RNRCh.Skr. Blake, Alfred John, RD, RNR25 Apr 1940  HMS Edward Walmsley (FY 624)
RNRCh.Skr. Bland, Richard, RD, RNR4 Feb 1935  
RNRLt.Cdr. Bloye, Norman Herbert Barton, RD, RNRJul 1942  HMS Fareham (J 89)
RNRLt.Cdr. Blundell, Arthur Norman, RD, RNRDec 1943  HMS Parrett (K 304)
RNRLt. Bolton, William George Howe, DSC, RD, RNRJul 1944  HMS Gardiner (K 478)
RNRCh.Skr. Bond, James, RD, RNR7 Feb 1940  HMS Tranio
RNRSkr.Lt. (retired) Bowles, Albert Winterburn, RD, RNRNov 1942  
RNRLt.Cdr. (PS) Boyle, William, DSC, RD, RNR5 Apr 1961  
RNRLt.Cdr. Boys-Smith, Humphry Gilbert, DSO, RD, RNR3 Mar 1941  HMS Anemone (K 48)
RNRLt.Cdr. Bradley, John George, RD, RNRMay 1941  
RNRLt.Cdr. Braine, Henry Elliot, RD, RNR1 Jun 1944  HMS LST 416 (LST 416)
RNRCh.Skr. Brebner, John Main Thomson, RD, RNR5 Mar 1940  HMS Lord Plender (FY 181)
RNRLt.Cdr. Brett, Robert Ernest, DSO, RD, RNR7 Apr 1944  HMS Seaham (J 123)
RNRLt. (PS) Brinded, Arthur Edward, RD, RNR6 Jul 1953  
RNRLt.Cdr. Britten, Percy George, RD, RNRJul 1942  
RNRLt.Cdr. Broadhurst, Colin Lowe, RD, RNR18 Feb 1944  
RNRLt. (PS) Brocksom, Jack Tinkler, RD, RNR14 Jul 1949  
RNRLt.Cdr. Bromley, John Evelyn, RD, RNR2 Oct 1946  
RNRLt.Cdr. Brown, Alan, RD, RNRDec 1943  HMS Kempthorne (K 483)
RNRSkr. Brown, George William, RD, RNR27 Jan 1952  
RNRLt.Cdr. Brown, Harold Hinksman, DSC, RD, RNR22 Mar 1949  
RNRBrown, John Henry, RD, RNR  
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. (retired) Brown, Patrick Richards, RD, RNRFeb 1944  HMS LST 412 (LST 412)
RNRLt.Cdr. Bryant, John, RD, RNR9 Nov 1949  
RNRLt. (PS) Buchan, Benjamin, RD, RNR17 Feb 1953  
RNRCh.Skr. (A/Skr.Lt.) Buchan, Charles Lamb, RD, RNR8 Aug 1957  
RNRLt. (PS) Buchan, Gilbert, RD, RNR12 Nov 1952  
RNRSkr.Lt. Buchan, Robert, RD, RNRJul 1942  
RNRCh.Skr. Buck, Alfred Harold, RD, RNR31 Mar 1952  
RNRLt. (PS) Burman, Harold Edward, RD, RNR1 Aug 1952  
RNRLt.Cdr. (retired) Butler, Edward Gavin Farr, RD, RNR 1930  
RNRLt.Cdr. Byles, William Snowdon, RD, RNRJan 1941  

RNRLt.Cdr. Cambridge, Robert Arthur Dillon, DSC, RD, RNROct 1943  HMS Tees (K 293)
RNRLt.Cdr. Caris, John Noel, RD, RNRJul 1942  HMS Epine (FY 682)
RNRLt.Cdr. Carter, Leslie Mansfield, RD, RNR10 Jan 1946  
RNRLt.Cdr. Case, Richard Vere Essex, DSC, RD, RNR3 Mar 1941  HMS Campanula (K 18)
RNRLt.Cdr. Chaloner, Hubert John, RD, RNR27 Jun 1946  
RNRA/Ch.Skr. Chamberlain, Christopher, RD, RNR8 Feb 1950  
RNRLt.Cdr. Chandler, Arthur George, DSC, RD, RNR22 Mar 1949  
RNRLt.Cdr. Charles, Dudley Stewart, RD, RNR10 Jan 1946  
RNRLt.Cdr. Chesterman, Harold Geeves, DSC, RD, RNR24 Jun 1950  
RNRLt. (PS) Chilton, Edmond Allan Reynolds, DSC, RD, RNR12 Nov 1952  
RNRCh.Skr. Christian, John William, RD, RNR5 Jun 1940  
RCNRLt.Cdr. Clark, Norman Vincent, OBE, RD, RCNR23 Dec 1944  HMCS Kirkland Lake (K 337)
RNRLt.Cdr. Clark, Reginald Harry Andrew, RD, RNRMay 1942  HMS Birch (T 93)
RNRLt.Cdr. Clark, William Roland Kemp, RD, RNRMar 1943  HMS Royal Ulsterman (F 63)
RNRLt.Cdr. Cleeves, York McLeod, RD, RNRApr 1933  
RNRLt.Cdr. Clement, John Fox, RD, RNRSep 1942  
RNRSkr. Cleveland, Samuel Frederick, RD, RNR14 Jul 1949  
RNRCh.Skr. Cleveland, William Garwood, RD, RNR Sep 1935  
RNRLt. Clifton, Edward Ernest, RD, RNRAug 1943  
RNRLt.Cdr. Coe, Norman Jack, DSC, RD, RNR20 Apr 1944  
RNRLt.Cdr. Cole, William, RD, RNRFeb 1942  
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Coleman, John Fulcher, RD, RNR2 Nov 1946  
RNRLt.Cdr. Coles, Arthur Edward, RD, RNRFeb 1942  HMS Bangor (J 00)
RNRColes, Edward Christian St. Arnand, RD, RNR  
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Collings, Patrick Varwell, DSC, RD, RNR22 Mar 1949  
RNRLt.Cdr. (retired) Collinson, Frank Bentley, RD, RNRAug 1941  
RNRCoombes, John Findlay Henshaw, RD, RNR  
RNRLt.Cdr. Cordran, Charles John, RD, RNR24 Jun 1950  
RNRLt. (PS) Cornelius, James Albert, RD, RNR1 Aug 1952  
RNRCh.Skr. (A/Skr.Lt.) Cory, Sidney John, DSC, RD, RNR22 Mar 1949  
RNRLt.Cdr. Couch, George Witheridge, RD, RNRSep 1931  
RNRLt.Cdr. Coughlan, Derek Harold George, DSC, RD, RNR2 Nov 1946  
RNRCh.Skr. Coultas, John Robert, RD, RNRApr 1940  
RNRLt.Cdr. (retired) Coventry, Cecil Dick Bluett, RD, RNR21 Sep 1944  HMS Balfour (K 464)
RNRLt.Cdr. Cowell, Reginald Ernest, RD, RNR15 Oct 1940  
RNRCraig, William, RD, RNR  
RNRLt. Crail, Hugh Parker, DSC, RD, RNR21 Nov 1946  
RNRCh.Skr. Craske, Jacob West, RD, RNRSep 1941  HMS Oystermouth Castle (4.101)
RANR(S)Lt.Cdr. Crawford, Stanley Hamill, RD, RANR(S)6 Jul 1943  
RNRA/Skr.Lt. Crowe, Ernest Henry, DSC, RD, RNR24 Jan 1947  
RNRLt.Cdr. Crozier, Robert Arthur, RD, RNR???  

RNRLt.Cdr. Dale, John Allan, RD, RNR8 Feb 1950  
RNRA/Skr.Lt. Davies, Edward John Lockwood, RD, RNR12 Nov 1952  
RNRA/Cdr. Davies, John Owen, DSC, RD, RNRMay 1943  
RNRA/Cdr. Davies, John Owens, DSC, RD, RNRMay 1943  
RNRLt.Cdr. Davies, Ralph Seymour, RD, RNRFeb 1945  
RNRLt.Cdr. Davis, Penrose Owen, RD, RNR6 May 1930  
RNRLt.Cdr. Dawson, James Crosbie, DSC, RD, RNRMay 1942  
RNRCh.Skr. Delf, Allen, RD, RNR1 Aug 1952  
RNRLt.Cdr. Dibley, George, RD, RNR3 Mar 1941  HMS Pangbourne (J 37)
RNRLt. (PS) Dinwoodie, John, DSC, RD, RNR31 Mar 1952  
RNRLt.Cdr. Dobson, George William, RD, RNR 1943  HMS La Capricieuse
RNRS.Lt. (PS) Dobson, Leslie Guildford, RD, RNR17 Feb 1953  
RNRLt.Cdr. Donkin, Edward Leo, RD, RNR8 Feb 1950  
RNRLt.Cdr. Dowding, John Charles Keith, RD, RNR 1930  
RNRLt.Cdr. Downer, Francis Arthur John, DSC, RD, RNR8 Feb 1950  
RNRLt.Cdr. Drake, Kenneth McMillan, RD, RNRFeb 1943  
RNRLt.Cdr. Duck, Norman Winder, RD, RNR1 Feb 1941  
RNRLt.Cdr. Duggan, Cecil Ernest, RD, RNRMay 1941  HMS Radnor Castle (FY 511)
RNRLt.Cdr. Dunbar, George Learmouth, RD, RNR5 Jun 1935  
RNRLt.Cdr. Dunnet, Henry Alfred, RD, RNRApr. 1945  
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. (retired) Durrant, Edwin Tom, RD, RNRApr 1945  
RNRCh.Skr. Duthie, James, RD, RNR5 Jun 1940  HMS St. Minver (FY 725)
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Dutton, Wilfred Louis Gerard, RD, RNR24 Jan 1947  

RNRLt.Cdr. Eade, Walter Neal, RD, RNR18 Feb 1944  HMS Tribune (N 76)
RNRLt.Cdr. Edgecombe, Clifford, RD, RNROct 1943  
RNRLt.Cdr. Elliott, Jeffery, RD, RNR26 Feb 1926  
RNRCh.Skr. Ellis, Alfred Daniel, RD, RNR4 Feb 1935  
RNRLt.Cdr. Ellis, Trevor Allan Owen, RD, RNR21 Jan 1932  
RNRLt.Cdr. English, Malcolm Christopher, RD, RNR5 Feb 1950  

RNRLt.Cdr. Farrow, George William, RD, RNR24 Jun 1950  
RNRSkr.Lt. (retired) Flaws, Alexander, DSC, RD, RNRAug 1943  HMS Cape Barracouta (4.122)
RNRA/Skr.Lt. Flowers, Wilfred Sidney, RD, RNR29 Apr 1947  
RNRCh.Skr. Foster, Albert Henry, RD, RNR6 Oct 1936  
RNRCh.Skr. Fraser, J W, RD, RNR17 Feb 1953  
RNRCh.Skr. Fraser, Thomas, RD, RNR 1935  
RNRLt.Cdr. Fraser, Thomas, DSC, RD, RNRMay 1943  
RNRLt.Cdr. Freaker, Ronald Clifford, DSO, RD, RNR8 Apr 1942  HMS Exe (K 92)
RNRLt.Cdr. Freeman, James Robert, RD, RNR1 Mar 1946  

RNRLt. Gadd, Kenneth Arthur, DSC, RD, RNRFeb 1945  HMS Clinton (J 286)
RNVRLt.Cdr. Gage, John Fitzhardinge Berkeley, RD, RNVRDec 1945  
RNRLt.Cdr. Gale, Newell Herbert, RD, RNR27 Feb 1925  
RNRCh.Skr. Garnham, Joseph Samuel, RD, RNROct 1941  
RNRLt. Geddes, George Carlow, RD, RNRAug 1943  HMS Azalea (K 25)
RNRLt. Gelling, William Emerson, DSC, RD, RNR5 Jun 1940  HMS Teroma (FY 527)
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Gill, Norman Frederick René, DSC, RD, RNR19 Nov 1947  
RNRLt. Gill, Roy, RD, RNR15 Aug 1922  
RNRCh.Skr. Girling, Arthur, RD, RNR19 Mar 1937  
RNRA/Skr.Lt. Gladwell, Harold Laking, RD, RNR12 Nov 1952  
RNRLt. (PS) Goodman, John, RD, RNR2 Aug 1951  
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Gordon-Christian, John Samuel, DSC, RD, RNR21 Sep 1944  HMS Postillion (J 296)
RNRCh.Skr. Gove, Andrew, RD, RNR7 Feb 1940  HMS Westella (FY 161)
RNRGrace, Lewis, RD, RNR  
RNRLt.Cdr. Granger, Frederick, RD, RNRAug 1943  HMS Cowslip (K 196)
RNRLt.Cdr. Grant, Gilbert Shaw, RD, RNRDec 1943  
RNRGraves, John Douglas, RD, RNR24 Jan 1947  
RNRLt.Cdr. Gray, Alfred Francis Colenso, RD, RNR20 Nov 1942  HMS Sardonyx (H 26)
RNRLt.Cdr. Gray, Francis Harden, RD, RNR24 Dec 1943  HMS Inver (K 302)
RNRLt.Cdr. Greaves, George Richard, RD, RNR22 Mar 1949  
RNRCh.Skr. Green, Peter, RD, RNR5 Jun 1940  
RNRLt.Cdr. Gregorie, George Windsor, RD, RNRNov 1942  HMS Winchelsea (D 46)
RNRA/Skr.Lt Grimmer, Charles Alfred, RD, RNR25 Jun 1950  
RNRLt. Groom, Eric Nelson, RD, RNR8 Feb 1950  

RNRLt. Halcrow, James Alexander Smith, RD, RNROct 1942  HMS Marigold (K 87)
RNRLt.Cdr. Hall, Harry John, DSC, RD, RNRMay 1943  HMS Lotus (ii) (K 130)
RNRCdr. (retired) Hall, John Francis, RD, RNR6 Jun 1947  
RCNRA/Cdr. Halliday, William Charles, OBE, RD, RCNR17 Jan 1946  
RNRLt.Cdr. Hamilton, Eric Allan, RD, RNR10 May 1954  
RNRLt.Cdr. Hamilton, Timothy Walter Beamish Pollock, RD, RNR21 Oct 1950  
RNRLt. (PS) Hannaford, Richard Edward, RD, RNR12 Nov 1952  
RNRLt. Harkness, Archibald Ferguson, DSC, OBE, RD, RNRDec 1943  HMS Tetcott (L 99)
RCNRCdr. Harris, Ronald Fraser, DSC, RD, RCNR28 Jul 1943  HMCS Niagara (I 57)
RNRCh.Skr. Harwood, John Edward, RD, RNRNov 1941  HMS Lord Wakefield (FY 170)
RNRCh.Skr. Hay, James, RD, RNRFeb 1942  HMS Stonefly (FY 596)
RNRLt. Hayes, Hugh Dudley, RD, RNR10 Apr 1946  
RNRA/Ch.Skr. Haylett, Robert Nathaniel John, RD, RNR???  
RNRCh.Skr. Henderson, John Birnie, RD, RNR7 Dec 1945  
RNRCh.Skr. Henderson, Peter, RD, RNRJun 1935  
RNRLt.Cdr. Hewitt, Eric, RD, RNRAug 1940  
RNRLt.Cdr. Hickman, Stuart Clarence Blair, DSC, RD, RNRDec 1943  
RNRHicks, E C, RD, RNRSep 1942  
RNRLt. Hicks, William Richard Alward, DSC, RD, RNR2 Aug 1951  
RNRCh.Skr. Higgs, John Stanley, DSC, RD, RNR4 Feb 1935  
RNRLt.Cdr. Higson, Kenneth Horder, DSC, RD, RNR10 Jan 1946  
RNRHill, Harold, RD, RNR  
RNRLt. Hill, Leslie Alfred, DSC, RD, RNRAug 1940  HMS T.R. Ferrens (FY 532)
RNRLt.Cdr. Hill, Leslie Frederick Lewis, RD, RNR7 Dec 1945  HMS Morpeth Castle (K 693)
RNRLt.Cdr. Hill, Thomas George, RD, RNRAug 1942  
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. (retired) Hocart, George Collas, DSC, RD, RNR30 Oct 1945  
RNRLt. Hogg, John Bruce, RD, RNR22 Feb 1947  
RNRA/Ch.Skr. Holden, Herbert, DSC, RD, RNR14 Jul 1949  
RNRLt.Cdr. Holland, Raymond Spurr, RD, RNRJan 1943  HMS Polyanthus (K 47)
RNRCh.Skr. Holliday, George Wilfred, RD, RNRSep 1941  HMS Southern Breeze (FY 318)
RNRLt.Cdr. Horan, Reginald Thomas, RD, RNR8 Feb 1950  
RNRSkr. Horner, George, RD, RNR8 Feb 1950  
RNRLt.Cdr. Horwood, Harold Duncan, RD, RNRAug 1940  
RNRLt.Cdr. Houchen, George William, OBE, RD, RNRAug 1942  
RNRLt.Cdr. Hulse, John Norman, RD, RNRJul 1943  
RNRLt.Cdr. Hutchings, Kenelm Jocelyn Townesend, RD, RNR15 Oct 1940  
RNRLt. Hutchinson, Edward Sydney, RD, RNR7 Dec 1945  HMS Jed (K 235)

RNRLt.Cdr. James, Gwynne Howell Price, RD, RNRSep 1942  
RNRA/Skr.Lt. Jappy, William, RD, RNR22 Feb 1947  
RNRJenner, Alfred George Godbold, RD, RNR  
RNRLt.Cdr. (PS) Jinks, Oswin, RD, RNR27 Jan 1952  
RNRLt.Cdr. Johnson, Francis Nelson Blois, RD, RNRSep 1942  
RNRLt.Cdr. Jones, David Idris, DSC, RD, RNRJul 1942  
RNRLt.Cdr. Jones, Frederick John Gwynn, RD, RNRAug 1942  HMS Clarkia (K 88)
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Jones, John Ivor, DSO, DSC, RD, RNR11 Aug 1947  
RNRLt.Cdr. Jones, John Treasure, RD, RNRNov 1941  HMS Sunflower (K 41)
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Joy, Kenneth Hugh, RD, RNRFeb 1945  

RNRA/Skr.Lt. Kay, Philip, DSC, RD, RNR8 Feb 1950  
RNRSkr. Kay, Thomas Henry, RD, RNR2 Aug 1951  
RNRLt.Cdr. Kelly, George Dudley, RD, RNR1 Jan 1943  
RNRCdr. Kendall, Roy, RD, RNRJan 1941  
RNRLt. Kent, Arthur Horace, DSC, RD, RNRMay 1944  HMS Starwort (K 20)
RNRLt. Kett, William Hedley, DSC, DSC, RD, RNR1 Nov 1948  
RNRLt.Cdr. King, Patrick George Alexander, RD, RNRMay 1942  
RNRLt.Cdr. Kinloch, David Kenneth Hamilton, RD, RNR8 Feb 1950  
RNRA/Ch.Skr. (A/Skr.Lt.) Kirby, Thomas William, RD, RNR14 Jul 1949  
RANR(S)Lt.Cdr. Knight, Alfred Victor, RD, RANR(S)Apr 1936  

RNRLake, Leonard, RD, RNR  
RNRCh.Skr. Lang, Harry Leonard, RD, RNR19 Dec 1934  
RNRLt.Cdr. Law, William James, RD, RNR21 Nov 1946  
RNRLt.Cdr. (retired) Laws, William Hall, RD, RNRMay 1943  
RNRLt.Cdr. Lawson, Hamish Napier, RD, RNRJan 1943  HMS Cyclamen (K 83), HMS Moyola (K 260)
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Leadbetter, Charles William, RD, RNR21 Nov 1946  
RNRLt.Cdr. Legassick, George Victor, RD, RNRJul 1942  HMS Saladin (H 54)
RNRLt. Lewis, John Dudley Edward, RD, RNR3 Jun 1946  
RNRSkr. Limb, William, DSC, RD, RNR9 Feb 1954  
RNRLt. Lister, Reginald Wilfred, RD, RNR22 Mar 1949  
RNRCh.Skr. Liston, Andrew, RD, RNROct 1941  HMS Lady Beryl (FY 100)
RNRLittler, Eric George, RD, RNR  
RNRLt.Cdr. Longmuir, Albert, DSC, RD, RNRJul 1942  
RNRLt.Cdr. Lowe, John Alverdus, DSO, DSC, RD, RNRApr 1943  HMS Prince Leopold (4.251)
RNRLt.Cdr. Lunnon, James, RD, RNR30 Sep 1935  
RNRLycett, John Montague, RD, RNR  
RNRLt.Cdr. Lynes, Eric Hope, RD, RNRNov 1940  

RNRMacDonald, Neil, RD, RNR???  
RNRLt.Cdr. MacFie, Archibald Frederick, OBE, RD, RNRMay 1943  
RNRLt.Cdr. MacIver, Peter Graeme, RD, RNR11 Aug 1942  HMS Georgetown (I 40)
RNRLt.Cdr. Mackay, Eric Morrison, RD, RNR24 Jan 1941  HMS Caldwell (I 20)
RNRLt.Cdr. Mackenzie, Angus Alexander, RD, RNROct 1943  HMS Liddesdale (L 100)
RNRLt. MacKillican, Henry Herbert Dietrich, DSC, RD, RNR20 Apr 1944  
RNRCh.Skr. Mackintosh, Isaac, RD, RNROct 1942  HMS Kingston Coral (FY 215)
RNRLt.Cdr. MacLean, Donald Murdo, RD, RNR5 Jun 1940  
RNRLt. Maishman, John Anthony Thornton, RD, RNR10 Apr 1946  
RANR(S)Lt.Cdr. Marchington, Thomas Sidney, RD, RANR(S)Oct 1943  
RNRLt.Cdr. Martin, Alaster Angus, RD, RNR28 Dec 1939  
RNRLt.Cdr. Mason, Donald George, RD, RNROct 1942  
RNRLt. (PS) Masson, William, RD, RNR12 Nov 1952  
RNRCh.Skr. Mayhew, Arthur, RD, RNR5 Jun 1940  HMS Maretta (FY 665)
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. McCready, Robert, OBE, RD, RNR24 Jan 1947  
RNRCh.Skr. McDonald, James Thomas Henry, RD, RNR10 May 1954  
RNRMcKay, Finlay, RD, RNR  
RNRLt.Cdr. McKee, William, RD, RNR8 Feb 1950  
RNRLt. McLeod, Norman Peter, RD, RNR???  
RNRMeldrum, George Charles Wilson, RD, RNR  
RNRLt. Merriman, John Harvey, RD, RNR19 Feb 1946  
RNRLt.Cdr. Metcalf, John Savile, DSC, RD, RNR1 Jun 1928  
RNRLt.Cdr. Miller, John Isdale, DSO, RD, RNRAug 1940  HMS Blackfly (FY 117)
RNRMiller, Robert Jerome, RD, RNR  
RNRCdr. (retired) Millward, David Henry, DSC, RD, RNR11 Mar 1940  
RCNRT/Lt.Cdr. Mitchell, Raymond Butler, RD, RCNR5 Jun 1940  
RNRLt.Cdr. Monro, Kenneth Stanley, RD, RNR5 Jun 1940  
RNRLt.Cdr. Moore, George Austin, RD, RNRFeb 1942  HMS Deodar (T 124)
RNRLt.Cdr. (retired) Moorhouse, Leslie Hugh, RD, RNR21 Sep 1944  
RNRCh.Skr. Morris, James Walter, RD, RNR26 Jul 1946  
RNRLt. Morris, Malcolm Guy, DSC, RD, RNR1 Jan 1943  
RNRCh.Skr. Morrison, John, DSC, RD, RNR12 Nov 1957  
RNRLt.Cdr. Mowatt, George, RD, RNRFeb 1942  HMS Blackpool (J 27)
RNRSkr.Lt. Mullender, William John Valentine, DSC, RD, RNRMay 1942  HMS Northern Gem (FY 194)
RNRCh.Skr. Mutten, Edgar Albert, RD, RNR10 May 1954  

RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Natcott-West, John Laurence Natcott, RD, RNR10 Jan 1946  HMS LST 382 (LST 382)
RNRLt.Cdr. Naylor, Ronald Maudslay, RD, RNRJul 1944  HMS LST 423 (LST 423)
RNRLt. Nelson, Alfred Laidlow, RD, RNR8 May 1951  
RNRCh.Skr. Newman, Peter, RD, RNR???  
RNRLt.Cdr. Nicholson, Kenneth Montgomery, RD, RNRFeb 1942  
RNRCdr. Noakes, George Charles Henry, RD, RNRNov 1940  
RNRLt.Cdr. Noall, William Robert Boyce, DSO, RD, RNR26 Nov 1943  HMS Glenarm (K 258)
RNRCh.Skr. Normandale, Thomas, RD, RNR19 May 1960  
RNRCdr. North, Edward John Robert, RD, RNR22 May 1943  

RNRLt. O'Neill, Frederick Charles, RD, RNR29 Apr 1947  
RNRA/Ch.Skr. (A/Skr.Lt.) Offord, Arthur Charles, RD, RNR1 Aug 1952  
RNRLt. (PS) Osborne, Arthur Charles Albert, RD, RNR8 May 1951  
RNROsborne, Charles Beresford, RD, RNR4 Feb 1935  
RNRCdr. Owen, Trevor Lewis, RD, RNR30 Dec 1937  

RNRSkr.Lt. Padley, Fred, RD, RNR5 Jun 1940  
RNRCh.Skr. Page, William Thomas Eden, DSC, RD, RNR22 Mar 1949  
RNRLt.Cdr. Parker, George Frederick, RD, RNR7 Feb 1940  
RNRLt. Parry, Gerald Joseph, RD, RNR30 Oct 1945  
RNRLt.Cdr. Parsons, Derry, RD, RNRJan 1941  
RNRLt.Cdr. Partington, Robert Edward Heap, RD, RNRDec 1941  HMS Jonquil (K 68)
RANR(S)Lt.Cdr. Patrick, James Alexander Ronald, RD, RANR(S)14 Jun 1945  
RNRA/Skr.Lt. Patterson, William Eric, DSC, RD, RNR8 Feb 1950  
RNRLt. Pearce, Jack Seward, RD, RNR14 Jul 1949  
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Pearson, John Andrew, DSC, RD, RNR29 Apr 1947  
RNRCh.Skr. Penrose, Charles William, RD, RNR30 Apr 1935  
RNRLt.Cdr. Peters, James Ernest Lewis, DSC, RD, RNR6 Dec 1951  
RNRA/Skr.Lt. Petherbridge, James Harold, DSC, RD, RNR14 Jul 1949  
RNRLt.Cdr. Petit-Dann, Harry, RD, RNR13 Aug 1935  
RNRLt.Cdr. Phillips, Reginald, RD, RNRAug 1942  
RNRLt.Cdr. Philpott, Leslie Benjamin, DSC, RD, RNROct 1942  HMS Hastings (L 27 / U 27)
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Pierce, Alan Henry, OBE, RD, RNR1 Oct 1946  
RNRLt.Cdr. (retired) Piggott, Arnold Howard, RD, RNRAug 1942  
RNRLt.Cdr. Piggott, Frederick Melbourne, RD, RNR14 Jul 1949  
RNRCdr. Piggott, William Brown, OBE, RD, RNRDec 1941  
RNRLt.Cdr. Pilcher, Leonard George, RD, RNR22 Mar 1949  
RNRLt. Piper, Aston Dalzell, DSC, RD, RNR21 Sep 1942  HMS Unsparing (P 55)
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Pitcher, William George, RD, RNR8 Feb 1946  HMS Waterwitch (J 304)
RNRSkr. Pollard, Clarence, DSC, RD, RNRSep 1941  HMS Alafoss (FY 715)
RNRA/Cdr. Pollitt, Ernest James Rigby, RD, RNR8 Apr 1942  HMS Corinthian (F 103)
RNRPolson, Peter David, RD, RNR  
RNRCdr. Pope, Francis Rupert, RD, RNR???  
RNRLt.Cdr. Pope, Jack Carlton, RD, RNR???  
RNRLt.Cdr. Powell, John Williams Damer, RD, RNR21 Nov 1929  
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Psaroudis, Nicholas, RD, RNR10 Jan 1946  
RNRLt.Cdr. Pulman, Osmond Henry, RD, RNRJul 1943  

RNRLt.Cdr. Quarrie, Ernest Maitland, RD, RNR8 Feb 1950  

RNLt.Cdr. (retired) Ramsay, Frank Alan Winson, DSO, DSC, RD, RNMay 1942  
RNRLt. Ray, Richard Anthony, RD, RNR22 Mar 1949  
RNRLt.Cdr. Rayner, John Merrick, RD, RNRNov 1941  
RNRLt.Cdr. Read, Phillips Almond, DSC, RD, RNR26 Jul 1946  
RNRLt.Cdr. Renny, Frederick Thomas, DSC, RD, RNR???  HMS Samphire (K 128)
RANRLt. Reynolds, John Edwin, RD, RANR7 Feb 1943  
RNRSkr.Lt. (retired) Rich, Henry, RD, RNR12 Nov 1952  
RNRLt.Cdr. Richards, Jack Nowell, RD, RNRMay 1943  
RNRLt.Cdr. Richards, Sydney Arthur, RD, RNRApr 1942  
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Riddelsdell, Edward Geoffrey Horsley, RD, RNR???  
RNRLt.Cdr. Riding, Harry, RD, RNR14 Jul 1949  
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Roach, Henry, RD, RNR24 Jan 1947  
RNRRobb, Albert Scott Henderson, RD, RNR  
RNRCdr. Robertson, John William Baillie, RD, RNROct 1941  
RNRLt.Cdr. Rogers, Benjamin Andrew, RD, RNRJan 1943  HMS Campanula (K 18)
RNRLt.Cdr. Rogers, Frederick George, RD, RNRApr 1941  
RANR(S)A/Lt.Cdr. Rose, Algernon George, RD, RANR(S)30 Jun 1944  
RNRCh.Skr. Rose, Charles John Thomas, RD, RNR1 Aug 1952  
RINRA/Lt.Cdr. Rose, John Ninian, RD, RINR3 Jun 1946  
RNRLt.Cdr. Row, Henry, RD, RNRApr 1941  
RNRCh.Skr. Rowe, Edward Charles, RD, RNR30 Apr 1935  
RNRSkr.Lt. Runcie, William John, RD, RNRDec 1940  

RNRSkr. Salisbury, William John, RD, RNRNov 1942  HMS Davy (FY 147)
RNRLt.Cdr. Sanders, Harry Marcus Crews, DSC, RD, RNR13 May 1941  HMS Gladiolus (K 34)
RNRCh.Skr. (A/Skr.Lt.) Sandford, Alfred Herbert, RD, RNRFeb 1945  
RNRLt.Cdr. Sayers, Louis Alan, RD, RNRNov 1943  HMS Odzani (K 356)
RNRLt. Sayle, Arthur Reginald Willis, RD, RNRMay 1923  
RNRScarlett, Laurence Frederick, RD, RNR  
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Scott, Alexander Gordon, DSC, RD, RNR25 Sep 1947  
RNRLt. (PS) Scott, Charles Barfoot, RD, RNR1 Aug 1958  
RNRLt. (PS) Scott, William James, RD, RNR12 Nov 1952  
RNRLt.Cdr. Sharp, Frederick George, RD, RNRJun 1944  
RNRLt.Cdr. (retired) Sharp, Leslie Rodney, RD, RNR???  
RNRLt.Cdr. Shaw, Frank Arthur, RD, RNR???  HMS Bann (K 256)
RNRLt.Cdr. (retired) Shaw, Leonard Seymour, RD, RNRDec 1943  HMS Clacton (J 151)
RNRLt.Cdr. Sheehan, Thomas Trevor, RD, RNR???  
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Sheffield, Joseph Tinsley, RD, RNR???  HMS LST 405 (LST 405)
RNRLt.Cdr. Shepherd, Charles Timothy, DSC, RD, RNRSep 1942  
RNRLt.Cdr. Sherwood, Robert Evan, DSO, RD, RNRMay 1944  HMS Tay (K 232)
RNRLt. (PS) Shipley, Meldrum Duncan, RD, RNR???  
RNRLt.Cdr. (retired) Shorter, Claude Burnaby Onslow, RD, RNR7 Dec 1945  
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Simmers, Graham Allen, DSC, RD, RNR7 Dec 1945  
RNRLt. Simmons, Ronald Eric George, RD, RNR2 Nov 1946  
RNRLt. Simms, John, RD, RNR2 Oct 1946  
RNRLt. Sinclair, Roy McEwen, DSC, RD, RNR12 Jun 1947  
RCNRCdr. Skinner, Edgar George, DSC, RD, RCNR6 Jul 1943  
RNRLt. (PS) Slater, Alexander, RD, RNR1 Aug 1952  
RNRA/Skr.Lt. Slater, Richard William, RD, RNR10 Aug 1954  
RNRLt.Cdr. Sly, Leslie Tillman, RD, RNRMay 1941  
RNRLt. Smith, Charles Donovan, DSC, RD, RNRJan 1944  HMS Fishguard (Y 59)
RNRLt.Cdr. (PS) Smith, John, DSC, RD, RNR1 Aug 1952  
RNRLt.Cdr. (retired) Smith, Leslie Johnson, RD, RNRApr 1943  
RNRA/Skr.Lt. Smith, Magnus Andrew, RD, RNRJul 1942  HMS Kingston Chrysoberyl (FY 236)
RNRLt.Cdr. Smith, Vivian Funge, DSO, RD, RNROct 1941  HMS Aubretia (K 96)
RNRLt.Cdr. Smith, Wilfred Dufour, RD, RNR8 Feb 1950  
RNRLt.Cdr. Smythe, John Patrick, RD, RNRJan 1943  HMS Stonecrop (K 142)
RNRLt.Cdr. (PS) Snape, Charles Walker, RD, RNR18 Apr 1958  
RNRA/Skr.Lt. Soanes, Harold Bertie, RD, RNR31 Mar 1952  
RNRLt.Cdr. Sobey, Harry, RD, RNR12 Jun 1947  
RNRLt. (PS) Souter, Richard Thomson, RD, RNR1 Aug 1952  
RNRLt.Cdr. Sprigge, Herbert Eric, RD, RNR20 Apr 1944  HMS LST 402 (LST 402)
RNRLt.Cdr. Stannard, Richard Been, VC, RD, RNR1942  HMS Ramsey (G 60)
RNRLt. Stapleton, Nicholas Bryan John, RD, RNRJul 1943  
RCNRLt.Cdr. Stephen, George Hay, DSC, OBE, RD, RCNR23 Dec 1944  
RNRLt. (PS) Stephen, Robert Duthie, RD, RNR1 Aug 1952  
RNRA/Cdr. Stevens, Thomas Wilson, RD, RNRMay 1942  
RNRLt.Cdr. Stewart, John Parker, DSC, RD, RNRApr 1943  HMS Clare (I 14)
RNRLt. Storey, Frederick John, RD, RNRMay 1944  
RNRLt.Cdr. Stretch, Joseph, RD, RNRSep 1942  HMS Goodwin (4.68)
RNRA/Ch.Skr. (A/Skr.Lt.) Sutcliffe, Cyril, RD, RNR22 Mar 1949  
RANR(S)Lt. Sweetman, Edward John Thomas, RD, RANR(S)20 Feb 1946  

RNRLt. Tadman, William Kilvington, RD, RNR12 Jun 1945  HMS Woodruff (K 53)
RNRCdr. Tanner, William Butler, RD, RNR5 Jun 1940  
RNRLt.Cdr. Taylor, Charles William, DSC, RD, RNR22 Feb 1947  
RNRLt. Taylor, Gordon Herbert, RD, RNRMar 1946  
RNRThompson, Percy Stephenson, RD, RNR  
RNRLt. (PS) Thompson, Wilfred, RD, RNR17 Feb 1953  
RNRThomson, George, DSC, RD, RNR???  
RNRCdr. (retired) Thorburn, Robert Abercrombie, RD, RNR17 May 1927  
RNRLt.Cdr. Thornton, Frederick Harold, DSC, RD, RNRMar 1944  HMS Sennen (Y 21)
RNRLt. Titley, Patrick, RD, RNR22 Mar 1949  
RNRLt.Cdr. Todd, Harold Vivian, RD, RNR7 Nov 1940  
RNRCh.Skr. (A/Skr.Lt.) Tucker, William, DSC, RD, RNR10 Apr 1946  
RNRCh.Skr. Tucker, William Jeffery James, RD, RNR???  
RNRLt.Cdr. (retired) Turnbull, Robert Fletcher, RD, RNR21 Sep 1944  
RNRLt.Cdr. Twemlow, William Haldane, OBE, RD, RNRSep 1942  
RNRLt.Cdr. Tyson, Ismay James, RD, RNR11 Mar 1940  

RNRLt.Cdr. Upperton, Henry Scott, RD, RNR8 May 1951  
RNRA/Skr.Lt. Utting, Richard George, DSC, RD, RNR22 Feb 1947  

RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Vasey, Kenneth Arnold, RD, RNR???  
RNRLt.Cdr. Vittle, Edgar Asquith, RD, RNR14 Jul 1949  

RNRLt.Cdr. Walgate, Richard, RD, RNR19 Apr 1948  
RCNRCdr. Wallace, Dickson Carlile, DSC, RD, RCNR19 Jan 1945  
RNRLt. Ward, Geoffrey Villiers, DSC, RD, RNR10 Jan 1946  
RNRSkr.Lt. Ward, Sidney John, RD, RNR20 Sep 1939  
RNRLt.Cdr. Warren, Henry Silvester, RD, RNR20 Apr 1944  
RNRLt. Warwick, William Eldon, RD, RNR24 Sep 1947  
RNRLt. Watson, Donald Stewart, RD, RNR8 May 1951  
RNRLt.Cdr. Watts, Frederick George, RD, RNRMay 1943  
RNRLt. Weddle, John Sturdee, DSC, RD, RNRFeb 1946  
RNRLt.Cdr. Whayman, Jackson, RD, RNRFeb 1942  HMS Lavender (K 60)
RNRLt.Cdr. Wheeler, Archibald Ross, RD, RNR27 Jun 1946  
RNRLt.Cdr. Wheeler, Edward, RD, RNROct 1941  HMS Crocus (K 49)
RNRLt.Cdr. White, Arthur Denis, RD, RNRSep 1943  HMS Calder (K 349)
RNRLt.Cdr. (retired) White, Duncan Frederick, RD, RNR14 Aug 1943  HMS Antigua (K 501)
RNRLt.Cdr. White, Hedley Ian Saxton, RD, RNR9 Nov 1949  
RNRCh.Skr. White, James Thomson, DSC, RD, RNR29 Apr 1947  
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. White, Leonard Arthur, DSC, RD, RNR10 Apr 1946  
RNRWhite, William, RD, RNR  
RNRLt.Cdr. Whitfield, William, DSC, RD, RNR8 Feb 1950  
RNRLt.Cdr. Wilcockson, Peter Morton, DSC, RD, RNR6 Jun 1957  
RNRLt.Cdr. Wilkinson, Archibald, RD, RNRJul 1944  HMS Ascension (K 502)
RNRCdr. (retired) Wilkinson, Henry Randolph, RD, RNRAug 1940  
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Williams, Joseph Oswald, RD, RNR2 Nov 1946  
RNRCh.Skr. Williams, Samuel Heaton, RD, RNR27 Jan 1952  
RNRLt.Cdr. Williams, Thomas Edward, RD, RNRApr 1943  HMS Speedwell (J 87)
RNRLt.Cdr. Williams, Trevor Montagu, RD, RNR20 Apr 1944  HMS Lightfoot (J 288)
RNRLt. Willis, Gerald Sydney, RD, RNR22 Feb 1947  
RNRCh.Skr. Wilson, John, RD, RNR27 Nov 1939  
RNRLt.Cdr. Wilson, William Cairns, RD, RNRJul 1944  
RNRLt.Cdr. (retired) Winton, Alan Seton, RD, RNR21 Sep 1944  HMS Empire Halberd (F 160)
RNRCh.Skr. Witts, Edward George Duncan, RD, RNR12 Nov 1952  
RNRCh.Skr. Wood, Albert Charles, RD, RNR???  
RNRSkr.Lt. (retired) Wood, Albert Edward, RD, RNR27 Jan 1952  
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Wood-Roe, William Horace Clifton, RD, RNRMay 1942  
RNRLt.Cdr. Woodhead, Edward Arthur, RD, RNROct 1942  
RNRLt.Cdr. Woods, Sidney Richard James, RD, RNRMay 1942  HMS Burwell (H 94)
RNRLt.Cdr. Woolcock, Francis Ronald, RD, RNROct 1943  
RNRA/Lt.Cdr. Woolfenden, Joseph Eric, RD, RNRSep 1942  HMS Hydrangea (K 39)
RNRLt.Cdr. Woolley, Reginald Cyril Stevens, RD, RNRDec 1943  HMS Lulworth (Y 60)
RNRCh.Skr. Wray, Harold Burnett, RD, RNRNov 1942  
RNRLt.Cdr. Wright, James Hutchinson, RD, RNR15 Oct 1943  HMS Bayntun (K 310)
RNRLt.Cdr. Wright, John Banks, OBE, RD, RNROct 1942  

RNRYeomans, Roy Oswald, RD, RNR  
RNRLt.Cdr. Youngs, Joseph John, OBE, RD, RNRMay 1942  HMS Speedwell (J 87)

461 commanders listed with this decoration.

Note: This listing is still being compiled and some recipients might be missing.

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